In-game character information


So after going through the tutorials and playing one match online I found myself asking a lot of questions about how exactly my abilities worked on the character I played. But after my game ended I looked everywhere in the game’s UI to find any sort of information and was left empty-handed. Is there nowhere in game where I can see details about a character beyond the ability names/icons and a 2-3 sentence overview for the character itself?


Did you check this?

Lots of info there :smiley:


Thanks for the link. It helps a little bit but there is still a lot of information missing.

Firstly, while there is quite a bit of information about the game there, what I am looking for is mainly information about abilities. For instance that page tells me that the assault’s defense matrix reduces damage by 75%, which is something that was not apparent to me when I played him in game just a moment ago. I thought it was a shield that completely absorbed damage up to a certain amount and would best be used when very low on health so that the medic can heal me up, but knowing that I still take damage when using it would change how I use the ability. This same lack of information about all aspects of how my character works makes it very difficult for me to succeed at the game, and can make for a very frustrating experience especially when playing against experienced players.

Secondly, I would really like to have the information in the game client. It’s a little silly to me that the only way to find basic information about how characters work is by closing the game and looking it up online, or through hours of trial and error. Also if I end up having to resort to third-party websites to find information then there are no guarantees that it will be reliable. By doing so I may end up being misinformed about certain details, especially if they are not updated regularly (many things have obviously changed today for instance).

As an example of what I am looking for; I was playing Blitz Markov in my first match. He is listed as an easy character, and from what I can tell the only information available about him in-game is the following paragraph: “Blitz Markov may be difficult to master but he has high damage potential. Positioning and timing are key. The Tesla Gun’s damage increases the longer the beam remains unbroken. Tesla Mines increase damage the longer they stay on the field and the Assault Rifle has a small clip but high rate of fire.” So right away the “difficult to master” kind of contradicts the easy difficulty rating, but whatever. Lets focus on the Tesla gun, his primary ability. It increases damage over time, but by how much and over how much time? Is it useless if we only lock on for two seconds but extremely damaging if we hold on for 6? In game I noticed it changed colors as I kept it locked on to the monster. It looked like there were 4 stages of color, so I assume 4 distinct rates of damage. But I also noticed that sometimes my beam would reset back to stage 1 even though I didn’t lose my lock on the monster. It seemed like perhaps taking damage from the monster reset my damage rate, but I couldn’t be sure since there is a lot going on and things can easily get very chaotic and hard to judge. It’s possible that perhaps my crosshair has to be precisely on the monster and I drifted too far away for a split second, or maybe the monster got just enough distance away from me for a split second. Lots of things could have happened, but without me knowing what the actual conditions of my weapon are, it is quite hard for me to utilize it effectively. As I have three other people relying on me to do damage, it can be very frustrating not only for me but for my teammates as well if I fail to perform. In the end we won the match, but I don’t know if I even played well as I couldn’t view or compare my stats to anyone else. The monster may have been just as confused as I was about his abilities, allowing us to win despite my weak performance.


That information IS in-game though, isn’t it? Go to your little menu thingy with the different buttons like “Exit” or “Take A Break” or whatever and it should be on the right side of the screen. Or maybe they changed that? I don’t know, I play on XBone. Just check and see.

Also, with the Blitz Markov thing, he can only lose his beams power of the monster stays out of range or if you run out of capacity. Or if you take knock back, which causes you to stop firing for a quick second. And yes, it does have four stages of damage.

1st Stage: Less than O Markov’s beam.
2nd Stage: The same as O Markov’s beam.
3rd Stage: A tad more than O Markov’s beam.
4th Stage: A LOT more than O Markov’s beam.


Agreed, and I understand what you’re saying.
In the mean time, the wiki should help:

I do believe the Devs are currently working on some sort of advanced tutorial, or something to give a little more instruction/depth to the character you’re playing because right now you’re basically just dropped right into the game.

They should also include something that better goes over the responsibilities of each Hunter class, what your main priority/job is on the team. I’ve gotten a few people right out of the dropship that ask, “Okay, what do I do?”

@GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521 you’re up


That’s how the Assault USED to work until TRS nerfed them to make Monsters even more all-powerful.


This is what my main menu looks like:

If the information is in there somewhere that’s great, but I haven’t found it yet.

And thanks for the info. Like I said I would love to have such information in-game, and the more details the better.


No no, not on your main menu. While you’re in a match. There’s a menu button, and when you press it, it should have all information of the character’s abilities.


Oh, if that is the case then it is somewhat helpful, but rather misplaced. This is a fast-paced game and it would be even more frustrating to my teammates if I just sat there afk reading my abilities rather than contributing to the search/battle. I suppose it will be useful when I am in the dropship, but I don’t understand why this information wouldn’t be available in the menu outside of a match, where players have the time to read it.

I’ll take a look though, thanks.


Well, if you have any questions, shoot me a PM. I could explain anything you have a question on, as I’ve been playing since launch.

The only things I DON’T know are the new TU9 stuff, Bucket’s Mechanical Recharge, and Wraith’s new Decoy.