In-depth review of Evolve


I spent a lot of time analyzing videos as well as analyzing my own gameplay from various events. I have over 30+ hours played total.

I am a lead admin at the newly formed Digital Gaming League (less than 2 weeks old!). I have always been a competitive gamer and have learned a lot on my journey, I’ve failed a lot a lot haha.

I have written up an in depth overview on the generic and ADVANCED gameplay of evolve. I would truly and deeply appreciate any and all feedback you have. Any major things I missed will be added and I will give credit to you. I cannot explain to you in words how excited I am for Evolve. Without further ado…

We are also hosting, AGAIN, the community teamspeak. Developers have already posted in our thread about showing up and we are in the FAQ stickied thread on the TRS forums. I am L1nk :wink:

Here is the TS info again:

See you in the alpha qt 3.14s <3


Looks pretty good. I’ll be joining that TS during the alpha( maybe, since i’ll play monster almost non stop :slight_smile: )


Hopefully we get matched up, I’d like some stiff competition. :wink:

Also… you’re up late @MacMan haha…


I’ve never played evolve before so i’ll be bad haha


Well done, @L1NK! I can’t wait for the Big Alpha to drop :smile:


Perfect !!!
You’re a pro ^^


Not sure how I’ll do considering I’ve never played, but hopefully I’ve seen enough footage to have a good idea how to play. I feel pretty confident I’ll figure it out pretty quick though. I usually do lol


haha, we shall see this time!


There are a few typos and spacing issues, but one thing in your advanced section you might want to add is the ability for hunters to constantly use their ‘target’ feature to show direction of monster movement and monster itself. (I feel that this is something that should be mentioned in the short tutorial between rounds when you first start as well, same with the jetpack thing. But that is a TRS thing, not a you thing :P)


rgr, yeah I keep going back and reading it to fix typo issues haha


copy past it into word and see if it corrects anything? :slight_smile:


Maybe don’t go off time. Instead go off progression first. Lets say each teams hunter groups win. Whichever hunter group has the fewest amounts of strikes accumulated, decides which side they play in round 3. If thats tied, THEN go off which hunter group won the quickest.

If both team’s monsters won the matches, first go off which monster has the most amount of health left. If thats tied too, then go off which monster won in the shortest amount of time.


a very good suggestion indeed. Take end of the match screenshots, enter the health in real quick… easy for the monster. I’m not sure how you would do it for Hunters because I don’t know what the end game screen shows anymore.

Tbh you could just add it all together for an even better diagnosis of who played better. Should be fairly quick, @MacMan has tons of telemetry/data and I remember a lot being shown at the end of the round.

It’ll be an experiment for sure and we will know more after next weekend… ahhhh so excited.