In-Depth Evolve


I have become increasingly interested in evolve and I hope to one day be involved in making games like this. So I was wondering if after Evolve is released the developers might be able to share on this thread their thought processes in developing this game. Especially creature/character and environment design aspects as I have a great love of concept art and the thought that’s put behind it.


Hey Nemesis, I too want to share as much as possible about our process. After 3 years we’ve all learned a lot and could fill pages and pages with detailed information. Right now we’re on the home stretch of shipping the game so we don’t have much free time, but bump this thread again so we don’t forget!

In the meantime Gamespot is doing 5 days of coverage with a little more depth on the creative process, check it out here:


Will do, I have great respect for you guys and can’t wait to hear from you later. One thing I am wondering is if their might be in depth commentary in the art book that you will hopefully come out with. Also if you haven’t already please check out my posts in the Creative Concepts, Game modes in general, and the Map Ideas for Evolve threads I would love for you devs to read some of my ideas (there goes my modesty)