In combat cool down


Which abilities for hunters and monsters cool down faster in combat? For the monster is it just stamina or do the abilities (fire breath etc…) also cool down fasterwhen fighting the hunters?


Traversal does.
I have heard abilities does aswell., but I have never checked.


Yes monster skills do cooldown much faster in combat, goliath can more or less chain use his skill this way, but not be super abused to travel far


I do not believe any Hunter Abilities do, but ALL monster abilities do, including Traversal (traversal being whatever is connected to SPACE bar (default). So Leap, or “Fly” or “Zoom” (whatever wraith’s traversal is called).

FYI for new folks:
You have 3 charges of Traversal, and indicated by the 3 short dashed lines very center of your screen when you are monster.