In an apocalyptic world of aliens, zombies, and rogue robots what would your loadout be?


Prepare for much Nerdiness

Nothing over 150% the size of the Normandy in Mass effect 2 (no deathstars people)

You can have an additional land vehicle and air vehicle

No “Superweapons,” such as nukes (maybe mininukes for some weapons on the vehicles), anything else is allowed (modern, futuristic, medieval, etc.)

Optional: Why did you choose what you did? Remember, there are many types of enemies. You can always edit your post to change or add anything of course

Mine would be a 30-foot tall Mech, with two legs and arms, as well as a large chestpiece (no head).

Bulletproof Glass covers a large section of the front of the chest, powered by a small nuclear reactor. Screen covers glass from the inside, identifying targets as well as their weaknesses/strengths, and can switch to night or thermal vision.
Metal shutters can block the glass if taking heavy fire (or if it already broke), but I’ll have to rely on thermal vision as a result.


Right arm: Wrist-mounted armor-piercing minigun for robots and generically anything

Left Arm: Large flamethrower powered by the reactor for the zombies; essentially unlimited ammo

Right shoulder: Long-range Missile pod capable of homing in on individual targets

Left Shoulder: 406 mm cannon (that’s a battleship cannon) for destroying large groups of enemies, heavily armored targets, and environmental structures.

Chest: 2 shotguns that are concealed by tiny metal doors; for blasting of a large creature or creatures on the “windshield” in case I can’t get it off.


Smoke dispenser: releases smoke for obscuring myself, or, if replaced with poisonous smoke, for killing/disrupting enemies around me

Electrically charged exterior: electrocutes enemies that touch the mech

Jump boots: Mech is too heavy to fly, but with this it can jump vast distances and slow itself down when falling

Grappling Hooks: one each palm and 4 on the chest piece, it can be used offensively or defensively, capable stabbing through enemies, pulling them or objects towards me or throwing them, and climbing cliffs/skyscrapers. Wire be cut if the hook can’t retract.

Well that’s my mech. Jesus that was a lot.


Lol sounds fun let me think.


well. if i could make it, I only need the iron man suit. maybe a couple variations. aliens would require skill. maybe robots too…but zombies would be ignored.


yea i’d almost not care about zombies. but you never know…


I just need a wood plank with some nails I’m it.
I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse.
Oh, their are also aliens and robots?
Deus Ex Machina!


For offense, I would take two energy swords from Halo.

For defense, I would wear an energy shield, again from Halo, a personal cloak, and a portal gun.


For offense and defense…baseball bat gotta go with the classics


two wakizashi’s a metal mask and give my dog a full suit of armor and laser goggles loool


I would take the Normandy at 150% it’s normal size and find another planet. It’s pretty clear Earth is doomed with all that going on >_> I’ll bring along around 200 people and their families so that the gene pool is large enough to not cause inbreeding and mutations and we’ll start fresh.


For offense I would want a lightsaber and advanced force-powers (think lightning and force grab.)

For defense I would want a small helicarrier with built in farms and water collection areas with turrets around.


I choose 1 ‘vehicle’ and 1 ‘weapon’.


Well. That is easy. I will take a deadly virus to infect and kill all alien life, a deadly virus to infect and kill all robot life, and then I will deal with that deadly virus that wiped out most human life! Now that I can enjoy my normal zombie apocalypse this is what I will need.

  1. A large vehicle for storage and transportation
  2. A crowbar
  3. Riot suit + Hazmat suit
  4. A portable generator
  5. My vinyl record collection + turntable/cd player
  6. Hundreds of disposable Kodak cameras

Alright, now here is how I live in this zombie infested world. I hit up the nearest walmart one block away from me, I dont waltz in through the front door, I instead go through the back and head straight for storage. I load up my vehicle with food, water and supplies. I head to the nearest gas station, and I load up on as much gas I can get. Then I drive right outside the city limits, straight into the desert and live there for about a year or so until all the zombies and survivors have most certainly died, after all, they have to die eventually.

Now a year later, probably almost out of supplies, I wander. Most of the roads are probably blocked, so I get a more mobile vehicle. Now, the billions of decomposing bodies have most definitely been a festering place for bacteria, and it would be foolish not to have protection when around the ruins of civilization. So I don my riot suit in case by some means a more recent zombie or two survived, then cover it with the Hazmat suit to prevent any lethal pathogens that have surfaced. I top it off with my crowbar which comes in handy getting through locked doors/desks/chests. I go city to city across the US towards the east coast. Every city I stop in, I break into houses and see what people where doing when they died. In a city I use three separate cameras. With the first, I take pictures of dead people who stir my sentimentality in some way… whether thats a little family that starved holed up behind a barred door, a bunch of dead people around a table, or just someone doing something really stupid. With the second camera, I take pictures of peoples sentimental trinkets, which I also then collect and bring with me after disinfecting. With the third camera, I take pictures of all the crazy stuff I do in a city… whether that is climbing a roller coaster, driving a tank, or hitting golf balls off of roof tops. I also continue to add to my collection of vinyl records, and the occasional cd. Once I decide to move on to a new city on my way to the east coast, I leave all three of the disposable cameras in a ziploc pouch in the city hall. No one will ever find them, but if they did, they will know three things. One, a tragic event killed almost everyone on Earth. Two, they will know what was important to them, a bible, a locket, a stuffed animal. Finally, they will know there was a survivor, and just because he knew he was the only one, he wasnt going to let that stop him from trying to find meaning in his life.

During my trip, I visit libraries and learn how to do things. It would be dangerous, but who cares… I teach myself to scuba dive, how to fly… how to sky dive (poor plane :stuck_out_tongue: ) I fire some missiles at other countries to see if anything comes back… ride a dinosaur at a museum… all the crazy stuff I never thought I would do in my life.

Once I finally make it to the east coast, I would break into the pentagon and read all the top secret files, again the crowbar comes in handy… learn all the secrets we have as a nation, then find where they store all the cool high tech gadgets and go pay them a visit… have some fun there. I would just keep living I guess!


A hunting rifle, because being sniper(marksman) support look so cool, especially when they are sacrificing themselves by going somewhere they can’t escape from just to save the main character. Not that I intend to die.
And a single action revolver, because I prefer pecise shots over quantity and the trigger on a double action pistol is a bit too slugish. However, if the bad guys were shooting back I’d prefer the pistol.

Well to fit a bit more into the theme of this thread, some sort of a heavy armored suit would be cool.
Scrapped togheter by all kind of armor, like a riotsuit and a diving helmet.

And a hammer! A big one!
I could perhaps substitute with a war axe or big chainsaw, but it would have to be big.

Actually, thinking about it, if I could have anything…

And a Death Star!


So one you just chose was a yeager?


You…you really have this thought out don’t you.

Room fer one more?


Gobi. Never get snuck up on. Ever. And knowing where everything is makes for a safe and easy experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from Gobi (not really Gobi, but a trained bird that serves the same purpose) a silenced pistol and forearm bracers and a weaponized quarterstaff. :grinning: As for vehicles…A jetpack. >.>



Most people fantasize about wealth, power, romance, getting a curly fry in an order of normal fries… my favorite fantasy is that for someone unknown reason, everyone on the planet suddenly dies all at once, and then I get to do anything I want and be all alone! I am kind of an odd duck… :wink:


I would take 2 people with me…

Deadpool, and Illidan. Surely I would survive whatever the world can throw at me with them on my side. ^.-
They’re both weapons in my opinion.


Deadpool is a pussy.