Improving Monster gameplay in the future


Long post alert. Skip to the last 3 paragraphs if you’re too lazy to read the whole thing.

First off I’d like to apologize for my (for lack of a better word) “salty” behavior on these forums lately. Evolve’s been frustrating the hell out of me and as stubborn as I am, I just kept getting more and more upset with the game instead of putting it down.

Now the reason for this is because, and I might as well just flat out begin the topic like this, playing Monster is nothing but frustration to me.
I bought this game at launch after playing the beta, because I thought playing like the Monster would be fun. And it was fun at first. Goliath’s playstyle immediately brought joy to me. I couldn’t care less about the other Monsters - Goliath was Evolve’s posterboy and he was the physical brute I liked both playing as or against the most.

However, he had some nasty drawbacks. For one, he immediately felt less mobile than I expected Monsters to be. At first I thought this was a Goliath specific disadvantage, but I noticed it (albeit to a smaller degree) with the other Monsters too. I thought nothing of it because this disadvantage only became an actual problem once every 10 matches or so and nothing you really needed to worry about.

Flash forward to now. 1 year later.
This “disadvantage” is now commonly used and labeled “kiting” the Monster. Everyone at a high level uses this and it’s the main way to dodge Goliath in particular.
Words cannot describe how laughably easy it is to shut down Goliath entirely by simply circling a bloody tree or climbing up and down the same rock over and over again.

We have Hunters like Jack who will make sure you have no traversals left everytime you attempt to bring a Hunter down.
Sunny who will force you to burn even more traversals and has a Shield Drone to boot that constantly demands your attention. That Shield Drone recharges so fast it too shuts down Goliath completely and everytime I face a good Sunny I find myself truly baffled on how something so broken and anti-fun ever made it past testing.

But this isn’t about those Hunters. This is about Goliath (and Behemoth, Gorgon, every single one) being countered not by good enemies but my its own limitations.
The reason I don’t enjoy playing Monster in the slightest anymore is because the “skill” of how good a Hunter can “dodge” is determined solely by how well this particular player can exploit Goliath’s terrain weaknesses.

Again - the other Monsters probably suffer from this as well but since I play Goliath and Behemoth almost exclusively I won’t bring up the other Monsters too many times.

I’ve created this topic as sort of an outlet but more importantly, to let TRS know that playing Monster at higher levels is really not that fun. (for me, at least)
Where I hoped the skill would be in proper Hunter plays and fully utilizing your role, I feel like it mostly comes down to exploiting the Monster’s limitations.

A tree in the way or a small building that the Hunters can jump up and down should not be Goliath’s worst fear. It completely ruins gameplay and there are certain Hunters in the game that when combined with these terrain issues will simply make it impossible to make any progress whatsoever. No one will go down. It’s an endless cycle of destroying a Shield Drone, dealing with terrain, dealing with Trapper CC and then the new Shield Drone is already up and running.

TRS I suggest you take a long, good look at these problems. I’ve read the patch notes and it’s exactly why I created this topic. I’ve noticed for example the faster climb speed in a future patch. That’s good but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to use it as an example of how I don’t think these problems should be approached.

Mere stat boosts are not the way to go. You could make Goliath climb 2x faster or run 3x as fast and he’d probably destroy everything, but that still wouldn’t fix his bugs. He would still be countered by terrain. He would still constantly stand in front of a cliff for 2 seconds before he actually starts climbing. He would still constantly bump into terrain with his Leap Smash or Charge and not go anywhere.

My point being: take your time. Stop slapping +20% here and +10% there boosts around because they’re nothing but bandaid fixes. Take a few months, rewrite some old code, and get rid of these core issues.
Balancing the Monsters from that point on would be so much easier and so much more consistent between platforms and varying skill levels.


But… balerance…

Yeah I’ve gone from Monster Wraith Main to Hunter Whatever Main now…

Playing as Monster just sucks nowadays. I won’t rip into TRS too much yet because they are doing a major overhaul. As I’ve said to others, if it still sucks in one or more areas (which let’s face it, there will be at least one that a lot of us will hate) then we can start a riot and grab the torches and whatnot.

As Monster I could play as Wraith but she feels wrong… so slow and sluggish.

I could use the other Monsters but it just feels wrong to not use the Monster that I want to use but can’t because she feels wrong in every aspect of her.

If anything might as well just wait until the next patch actually comes out then we can get all pissy about this, that and the other thing if it doesn’t sit well.


It is unfair to say that they are just slapping number changes on. TRS Devs are cleary putting a lot of time and energy into making changes with the intention of improving the playing experience for as many players as possible. They don’t always succeed, but it is not because of lack of effort or sloppy development. They are dedicated professionals, and other changes such as Goliath getting the ability to change attack direction in mid air that will help him undermine your criticism. I understand the feeling of frustration, and it is certainly permissible to vent.

It is out of line to suggest they don’t know what they are doing, and that their changes won’t work, even though no one even knows what the changes will be, and how they will function as a whole. Both 2k and TRS have demonstrated a strong commitment to their customer base that deserves respect. That does not mean the game is or ever will be perfect, but plenty of developers and publishers demonstrate utter contempt for their customers, and that is not the case here.


I thought that monsters could break trees.


It SOUNDS like a lot of this IS happening with TU9

It sounds like TU9 has been in the works for a long, LONG time. They were hinting at major changes/fixes/updates wed see in Tu9, BEFORE tu8 was even out. I think this is why we only see “band ades” and “number fixes”, because “balancing the game” for a long while now, has largely been balancing a system theyre apparently scraping.

Imagine trying to justify fixing your current old pewpy car, because your friends are nagging you to get a better radio installed, fix the AC, repaint the body- When you know youre throwing that car away in a fire and buying a brand new BMW in a couple months.