Improving Console Controls/Feel


@Insane_521, you recently mentioned this subject:

So, I just purchased Evolve for PC.

Well done, TRS.

This finally feels like a shooter. (Complement intended, no sarcasm.)

Hunters just feel right compared to console. Console Hunter controls are so gimmicky or floaty in terms of heft and feel. Not what I would consider quite AAA at all.

But back to PC. Playing as the Hunters really feels great.

IMO: even if it’s just for Evolve Stage 2, or whatever, I believe that you need to get the Hunter feel better for consoles in future.

The guns feel right with more precise aim and 60+ solid fps. Maybe it’s the FOV or maybe something else. I just can’t shake feeling far more in control and like my weapons are heftier – my actions more impactful.

Maybe it really is just the impact of more precision and loads of frames, but I’ve played PC shooters off and on since CS and Delta Force 2.

This isn’t my first time swinging a KB/M, but this is the first time I felt there was ZERO gimmickiness to the way Hunters control.

Just some food for thought from someone with a TRS Gold OG from PS4.

Hope this helps tou guys and gals! :heart:


Console vs PC is a checks-and-balances system. FPS will always be better on PC, both of them, as long as specs are above minimum requirements.

It all comes down to how many resources you are willing to allocate to your gaming experience. Consoles are great for their platform stability but might suffer from aim, because the learning curve for controller (requires a lot of time to get very good at a controller).

But I love any FPS on PC, whereas other games like racing are best on console or controller connected to PC.


Yeah, just after playing Evolve on PS4 for 1.25 years, I can tell the devs that console Hunters are missing some “feel” I’ve found on PC.

Maybe it is just a peripherals/frames thing. :smile:

Anyway, great job TRS is all I have to say. I’m suddenly hooked again, but as a Hunter instead of a PS4 Monster.

(Side Note: bought the game to be a hunter. Played Monster once and never looked back. Kidding, not kidding.)

Thanks for dropping in, when I get better at not sucking with KB/M, I’ll hit you up on Steam, Xplosion. :slight_smile:


I play Evolve on PS4, have been here since day one and even before with the beta.

I recently bought my friend on Xbone a copy of the game and been teaching him to play, and I tell ya if you think PS4 controls are stiff don’t even try on Xbone.

The craziest part is once i got used to the controls on Xbone and began hitting the buttons a second or so before I wanted the action to occur I found it sort of acceptable or at least “playable”.

Then when I got home to my PS4 the game felt so amazingly free as far as movement is concerned.

Although it may just be his large screen LCD display, which typically is the worst possible gaming display you could get. We found his motion settings and went from one extreme to the other.
Surprisingly cranking the settings to max makes the game look like PC gameplay at high frame rate, but the controls suffer there in a way that may be the brain playing games.

It looks like a game at 60FPS but it feels like a game at 30FPS or slightly below, so the perceived luggishness is likely exaggerated by the brain.


FPS will always be better on PC, “both of them”

LOL, are the PC player numbers really that low now?


Its this:

Copy paste here…


Please make it adjustable so that we can decide how strong we need it, Maybe disable it complete. No one can be good with gamepad if you dont have a constant speed on your sticks, its like a inconsistent mouse acceleartion. In other simple words its like this atm: slower, slow, normal, fast, faster.


This is the zone when the sticks start to grab your inputs - It feels now set about 20% - 25% - This is to high I need more control-space. Games like Battlefield starting at 15% - 18% (Frostbite engine) this is a good practice. Please make it adjustable that we can set it.


At the moment the X axis is way faster than the Y axis. I get it that some scrubs need this but honestly how we can aim properly with this? Make it like every game settable for the X axis and Y axis separately. And whats happened now if we aim diagonal? A merge of both sensitivities?

These are the main reasons why the controls on console feel very sluggish instead of PC-Gamepad.


What do you mean?

Evolve is still kicking on PC.

FPS: Frames Per Second and First Person Shooter. a KB/M will always be more accurate and easier to learn than a controller will ever be, as well as being able to upgrade hardware, causing better FPS.


The steam chart you link shows within the last 10 minutes only 50-60 people playing, w/ a peak of ~230 players over the past day…

I mean you can call that still kicking, but even the original Left 4 Dead (a 8 year old game) has a higher population than that according to those charts, and most old L4D vets I speak to call that game dead.


Easier to learn? Really? Walking and performing actions with a keyboard is way more difficult to get used to than controller is.

I will give you the mouse. Its easier to use, but a keyboard is not designed with those functions in mind. Unless you get a specialty one you just end up with your hand in a cramped uncomfortable position.

Actually walking, a super simple task on controllers takes a minimum of four buttons on a keyboard and doesn’t have varying levels of speed like an analog stick has and is only one button that requires only one finger to use and allows movement in all directions, not just the cardinal ones.

Controllers are designed for ergonomics and ease of use in gaming. A keyboard is designed to be able to type efficiently.


My thoughts exactly. 200ish players is not kicking, it’s more like a crawl. To be honest I’ve seen extremely obscure games like Space Station 13 pull more players daily, and we all know why. The DLC train was just a complete disaster and it shows, it left a bad taste in people’s mouths whenever they hear the word “Evolve”, and then people try to claim the game didn’t work out because of its mechanics/the fact that it’s an asymmetrical shooter, yeah, like that ever kept hundreds of thousands of players from playing Left 4 Dead.


I was replying to your comment that “FPS will always be better on PC, both of them”

Seems to imply there are only “two PC’s” being used to play FPS games. Probably a typo and you meant to refer to both consoles?

But in truth how can any MP game be better on PC where there is no level playing field? people like consoles for their intuitive controls and standardized platform which provides/promotes fair even play.

On PC I could be one of the best Evolve Players in the world just by making sure I can run the game at 8K and 7000 FPS, etc. (Obvious exaggeration should be obvious). But studies do show “skill” on PC is tied directly to FPS, which is tied directly with the cost of your rig, its essentially pay to win in this way.

Its not 100% though, but take the absolute “best” PC player, give him a 720p or SD monitor, a Pentium CPU and a GTX 750 GPU, put him up against an average player who is using a I7 4790K and SLI GTX 980 Ti’s on a wide screen 4K monitor.

Who is gonna win 9 times outta 10? Check any top leaderboard player on PC, is he using a $400 laptop? Are any?

But I didnt intend to start a console vs PC war.
Everyone know PC has the best potential graphics, and for single player multiplatform games I would agree its probably the best place to play. I just dont think it suits MP as well as consoles for most people.

So about how console controls “feel”. Its probably down to framerate, twice the frames = twice the responsiveness.

But even between Xbone and PS4 there seems to be a big difference with the PS4 feeling a bit faster and more responsive.
Perhaps the more frequent dynamic resolution scaling on Xbone adds a bit of latency in the high action times?

But i am all for further settings options, so I would def support adding direction specific acceleration, dead zone, etc.


Which console did you play on?

It really makes me wonder with how TRS is so active with the community.
If Sony actually does release a new “more powerful” PS4 will TRS go back and add a 60FPS option for custom?

Maybe this deserves its own topic?


Thanks for your reply. I said my console if you look at the bottom of my post that you quoted. :wink:


For me the PS4 is the most comfortable and best one to use for both hunter and monster. Personally, I think it’s better for the monster since I do agree that hunter for the pc is easier ONLY because of the mouse. Besides that, the rest of the controls are pretty hard to use. So to me the PS4 is the best one to use for the game Evolve.