Improvements on the Observer Interface are needed


Hello, I am Korin from STAGE 3 and I spend a lot of time with the observer interface. I do a lot of scrims and we usually have 6 with people rotating out of observer or simply watching people play. Anyway, the observer interface needs some work. I have a couple of complaints, and also my personal suggestion for each complaint. This also is aimed at helping the tournament scene, because those casters also need some more tools and information readily available.

  • You need to be able to change whether you are in third person or first person view. The easiest way to fix this would be to simply let people zoom in and our with the mouse wheel while in observer mode. Alternatively, you could give people a button to switch between 3rd and 1st person.
  • Observer Mode needs its own keybindings! This is more of a bug than a feature request. I personally have W set as my map button, so when I am in observer mode, it opens the map, but also turn on the outlines, and I cannot do them independently. I need to be able tor rebind the show outlines key, as well as all the other observer only keybinds, but right now it isn’t available
  • The monster’s health is not shown very well in the current observer interface. Everyone is used to seeing it in the center top of the screen. The monster sees it there and the hunters see it there. That is where it should be for observer. Also, in the current setup you cannot see bars of health, which is how people are used to talking about how much health damage was done. You can only see thirds, which is awkward for casters.
  • Right now the show/hide ui really needs some work. There needs to be independent ability to show/hide the healthbars/the pictures on the right/ and the win%. Sometimes you want all of them, but a lot of the time I would like to be able to have healthbars above peoples heads without the pictures on the right. this would also go along with having the ability to keybind the observer interface.
  • This is more quality of life, but when you are looking at the monster’s point of view, it would be very convenient if you could see what he is sniffing. Sometimes it would be nice to see if the monster actually saw the hunter or not. It seems like it would be easy to add since the monster sees it (I could be wrong).

That is all I have. I know the observer interface was kind of rushed out since we didn’t have one, and what wee have is a vast improvement over not having it, but it could still stand to be improved.


You are absolutely right these points are well thought and i think there shouldnt be any big issue to fix these. IMO they are still working on the spectator mode. Hope they will take your post and note some of these things :blush:


To add to this the strike bars are too small and do not represent not the true value of lost health. and a free fly mode would ace, if there isnt one.


Agreed, I had forgotten about this, the strike bar should represent much more of the health bar. And I didn’t include the free fly mode because I felt that may be much more difficult to implement, all my suggestions I tried to keep as very simple changes.


My thoughts on improving the Observer mode in general:

  • Show what perks the Hunters and Monster choose during the selection screen.
  • Show Elite Buffs on the map that have spawned.
  • Change the health bar so that it is exactly as it is in game.
  • Have the ability to snap from 3rd person to 1st person.
  • Have the ability to have the camera look the direction the person you are currently following. I like that I can look around, but give me an option to ‘lock’ towards where they are facing both in 1st and 3rd person mode.
  • Show class ability cooldowns. I would love to know how much longer on a dome, personal shield, heal burst or cloak.
  • Have the outlines of the players show distance in meters from current camera location.
  • Have the outlines of the players match their class color. I.E. Blue, Red, Yellow, Green.
  • Let me see the monster skill selection as a toggable option, and/or let me see what they pick at stage 1.


I think one thing that needs improving is the “pause” screen lol like 3 times now I’ve joined games online and for some reason it puts me in observer and I can’t pause and quit game so I either need to watch a full game bored or restart


Those are all also great suggestions, I particularly love the show cooldowns one. I forgot about that.


I notice it more because I do a lot of coaching and say things “I would like to see support cloak here” or “where was the dome drop” Sometimes it is easy to know when it is off cooldown, but other times the Hunters have to remind me that it was on cooldown etc… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea! and it would be really good info to know for casting the tourney’s too. Being able to know if cloak is up or if dome is going down would be very key information.