Improvements I would like to see (on Xbox One)


Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love this game and the unparalleled thrill of a good hunt. You created an outstanding and really special game that captivated me from the first day on till now.

But there are still some few odds and ends which I feel could use improvement:

  1. The cinematic intro stutters and well-nigh freezes for a few seconds when skipping it. This is something that annoys me every single time I start up the game because I feel it would have been (and still is) easily doable to create a smoother transition by fading out the intro before loading all the other stuff that causes the cinematic to stutter and freeze and come to an abrupt end. This is not a bug in the strict sense but it definitely is a nuisance.

  2. What also bothers me are the ever-recurring sound issues when the dropship hatch opens. The sound clips and glitches as if there were too many sound sources to handle. Don’t know if this is a bug or design though.

  3. I really would like to see a summary after each game that not only shows me how I performed myself but also how my teammates and the monster performed. Such an after match report has already been suggested by other people and I strongly support this proposal.

  4. Please make it possible to review the names of people you played with after they left the lobby. On several occasions I would have liked to add someone as friend after he left but couldn’t remember his correct gamertag. I would also prefer to have an ingame gamercard, since it is so slow and interruptive to open the Xbox One system-side gamercard. Is this solved better/different on PS4?

These little points (and bugfixing those occasional freezes (-:slight_smile: is all I wish for.

Anyhow, keep up your great work!

Edit: As Bazorias and IIILaserIII kindly pointed out, point 4 is already integrated in the xbox system, I just didn’t know it, sorry about that.


The sound clipping is annoying as hell. I’m surprised they haven’t fixed that yet, especially since it’s been around since the Beta.

Another animation thing that bothers me is the fuel tower at the end of Evacuation animation when the hunters win. There’s something moving horizontally around the cylinder inside the top of the fuel tower. It will transition smoothly from right to left around the cylinder, then it will suddenly appear back on the right - no transition. I don’t recall if it happens on every Evac map. Not a game changing issue, but more akin to the issue of the sound being off from the video on a movie or TV show.


Isnt 3 already in the game? And 4 why cant you just use “recent players met”?


Point 4. Go dasbord, go to frinds, now klick sight change and choose from friends to last player list and u have it.


Thank you very much! I didn’t know about this and will try it next time.

Point 3: I have seen after match reports on twitch. Don’t know if this is a speciality of the observer mode or if it is part of a new version not yet available for the masses, but at least in my own games I have not encountered anything like that till now.


You can’t do this in Steam. :frowning:


Oh jes i search 2 mounts for that option i googlet this, no found^^