Improve ai


Can you guys improve the AI? I refuse to play against an elite monster when I have two or more AI hunters with me. They constantly fight the most dangerous wildlife and are terrible in combat.


I agree with the idea that AI needs looked at. As a monster player, AI hunters provide no real challenge. As a hunter, AI hunters are often a death sentence (or you have to constantly switch between multiple classes to do everything yourself, which is disorientating, stressful, and way more of a hassle than it should be).

AI monsters are hit or miss. However, I’d rather see Hunter AI get looked at before the monsters’.


Actually I would love to see improved AI of hunters but not because of online play but offline play. I play only solo now but since it’s rather easy in a game with hunters advantage I would love to see one more level of difficulty for AI so that offline play isn’t so predictable.


Earlier i was a kraken trying to find cloaked support and the AI Parnell was 10 ft away shooting the wall i was standing on missing completely so i stopped and looked at and for an entire 30s he just kept shooting till the support uncloaked