Impossible to win as monster

So I’ve been playing the monster and I’m ranked Silver Skilled now. It’s fucking impossible to win against any competent hunter team. How about some balancing maybe?

Which monster do you tend to main? Any specific hunter that stumps you? That’s valuable information if you want balancing.

It’s not impossible it’s just very hard, try to practice against them in customs that’ll help you win against premades more

Playing premades is a lot different from playing pubs. It will take some practice to get past co-ordinated teams. Watch your health, try to bait them into favourable locations to fight in, know when to stop committing and when to mitigate. Plan ahead when you’re running, sniff plenty and keep tabs on the hunters.


Yeah some info on your Monster pick and who/what keeps killing you.

As an Ex-Wraith main my problem was Caira, Hank, Jack/Maggie and Hyde. Fucking impossible to kill without dying in the process. And then when Hunters are on your ass 24/7 it just makes it that much worse.

I use all Traversals and a Warpblast/Leap Smash/Charge and I look back and Assault is still on me… like freaking how? So much for Monsters being faster overall.


Actually went up against that comp earlier today as wraith. They put up a good fight and the dropship brought the team back three times during the relay fight but I ended up winning. It was intense!

Anyway @Pavel_Pokidaylo it’s generally considered that monsters dominate in bronze up until the high silver level where they are considered fairly even. It’s not until gold level, given evenly skilled competitors, that the hunters get the advantage due to superb coordination being beyond what a monster can reasonably counter. At the professional level it is considered near impossible for a monster to win.

At your level you can still do well in most of your matches but it will take practice since silver teams, although not the best, are still no joke.

Right after I posted this I won four matches in a row. I would say my problem is with any monster. I never had behemoth until last week though. During the free weekend I played as Behemoth and I won 20 matches in a row with him, albeit at the bronze destroyer level. But with the other monsters it was like half wins half losses. After Behemoth, I’d say Kraken is my second best because I can fly and shoot the hunters from the air. Still, a good team of hunters will kill me no matter what monster I choose or what I do. I really like Goliath and I win with him sometimes but many times not and I get destroyed as Wraith.

I’d say my biggest problem is eating fast enough to evolve without the hunters catching me and shooting missiles up my ass. I tend to run as far away from spawn point as soon as match starts and try to eat as much as I can before the hunters get to me. The problem with that is that most of these maps are so small that it literally takes me 15-20 seconds to get across the entire map. Because of the small size of the maps the hunters get to me before I can get to stage 2 and then it becomes an uphill battle. I’ve tried the sneaking at the start thing. I walk in one direction to leave some prints, then I sneak and go another direction. The problem with this is that I move so slowly when sneaking that unless the hunters are really bad and get fooled into going somewhere really far away from me, I won’t be able to get far enough and eat enough wildlife before they find me. Lately I’ve only been playing Behemoth and Meteor Goliath. As Behemoth I’m actually able to win some matches at stage one if I fight the hunters in a good spot. As the Goliath I can’t win at stage one. If the monsters catch me before I evolve to stage 2 and I see there’s no way I can keep them from taking all my armor away or even killing me, I try to avoid and line of sight them as much as possible. Sometimes this works, other times they do too much damage to me anyway, especially if I get domed in a bad place.

Many times I feel like I just can’t get away at all. I’ll run across the entire map and smell and the assault is right on my ass! Just like Major_Warrior said. Even if I manage to eat enough wildlife while running from them, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna be able to evolve in peace. Unless they lose my tracks and get lost or something, they will be on me while I’m evolving. I feel like it takes forever to evolve. First you have to wait for the circle to complete after pressing X, then you have to choose where to put your points which it doesn’t even allow you to do right way, there’s a damn pause in between when the abilities pop up and when you can actually put that first point in. It’s only like 2 seconds but still that’s a lot. Then you have to wait for him to evolve another what 8 seconds? And on top of all that, of course he has to roar for a couple seconds before you regain control of him. So say it takes 20 seconds to evolve from start to finish. 20 seconds??? It takes less than that to run across the damn map!!!

Another thing I hate is how the monster just gets stuck sometimes. After you evolve, if you happened to be pressing the move forward key he will get stuck and you have to let it go and press it again for him to move. Sometimes he gets stuck while climbing a wall for no apparent reason and other times he just falls down mid climb. Behemoth is especially bad at maneuverability, big clumsy bastard gets stuck or slowed down on everything he touches.

As for the hunters well… I hate them!!! I think they are all pretty bad but the worst would probably have to be as follows… Slim (dumbass ability that prevents me from seeing them) Lazarus (instant rez) Hank (fing shield) Jack (retarded push back) and basically any of the Assault. Any one of them can rez the other very quickly and maggies dog even rezzes them. All of this wouldn’t be so bad though if I could just evolve. Trying to fight the hunters at stage 1 is just dumb. If I could atleast reach stage 2 I could try and lure them into a good area to fight them.

I dunno, maybe I’m wrong but it just seems like this game caters to the hunters way too hard.

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That makes a lot of sense and is exactly what my experience has been. I have not seen Gold but I did steam roll through Bronze and now am stuck at silver skilled.

Well I want to throw out the “Then they were just bad Hunters if you won as Wraith.” arguement but I won’t know until I were to see a video or something.

As it stands now now matter what I try to do I can’t lose Hunters. I try Decoy juking or otherwise running across the map and I get screwed anyway because Hunters are faster than a Wraith without Movement Speed.

I don’t know why everyone in this thread is so puzzled.

It sounds like you have hit the rank you fit in.
One can’t climb forever, unless you are really good, you just need to keep practising and get better
And I don’t mean git gud, because silver skilled isn’t bad.


True that could be it. Though we could give him some advice to help his growth.

@Pavel_Pokidaylo So, for each monster what do you start with?

  • Perk choice and points allocation.

Also, be aware that each monster requires a different playstyle (to a degree), so if you’re switching monsters often that might hinder you more. I’d say it’s better to pick a monster and gain experience with it. Once you feel you do well with that monster, you can move on to other monsters. You’ll pick up things regardless, such as a route that you favour, tactics that you like and can keep in your pocket, awareness of timing and positioning, etc.

Well it was a ranked match so they were at a close skill level to my own, silver expert if that matters, aside from that I can’t really offer anything else.

@MrTalha is right, eventually everyone reaches their appropriate level and hover around there before they’ve had enough practice to actually move up and once you start to do so progress is slow and steady.

@Pavel_Pokidaylo considering that you’re silver skilled it’s safe to assume that you’re an experienced player. You probably have a good amount of characters elite and have reached level 40 but trust me that’s really just the beginning. There’s still A LOT more to learn and there’s a whole thread about all the useful things players learned AFTER reaching level 40. I couldn’t find it again myself so I apologize for not being able to provide a link but if you have the time I highly recommend taking a look as it is extremely helpful.

That being said I believe in you. As long as you keep practicing you will get better and best of all you’ll experience the most exhilarating matches and the most epic clutch wins.

Did some more digging and found it.

Things you discovered after lvl 40

I main Vanilla/ Meteor Goliath and I’m Silver master and slowly climbing higher.

Alright, so here’s my advice and I love the details, so bear with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, a large part of being good at this game comes down to map awareness. Plan your path before the game starts. Plan your path by asking yourself:

  • Where’s the Mammoth birds?
  • Is the path I’m taking easily cut off by the hunters?
  • What’s the most ideal Evolving spot for me?
  • I have my path, but what other things does the path offer me that I can take advantage of?

I doubt a lot of people goes this much into depth with their paths, but just having one for each map helps a lot! Just running to the opposite side of the map is not going to help at all. Remember, you need to feed while following the path. By the time you reach the end of your planned path, you should be ready to Evolve. (Unless your plan requires you not to)

Sneaking is a super powerful tool. You just have to know when to apply it. I had some serious trouble getting to stage 2 against good pre-made teams on that map, especially with a Cabot in the mix. So here’s a path I developed to more easily get to stage 2 on that map.

You start at Point A and you Evolve at point B.
First thing you do is run and make footprints towards the caves and sneak(jump if they have Daisy) into the river and follow it all the way to the beach. The prints probably won’t trick the hunters to into the caves but that’s only a good thing.

Remember, when you follow the river up to the beach, that any clue towards your position will reveal your little trick immediately. No broken trees, no middle snacks, no tracks.

When you reach food area 1, it’s okay to relax a little and walk as long as you cover your footprints in the water, but remember that there’s a chance the hunters might hear you, so be careful every time you don’t sneak.

Now, eat no more than two Cephalodons. They’ll give you 6 meats out of the 18 you need to go to stage 2, and because they’re your two first meals, they won’t alert birds.
Now keep your head down and sneak pass the relay platform.

Now it’s time to pack your lunch around and in food area 2.

Kill as many 3/2 meats in that area as you can, but do NOT EAT YET as that will alert the birds.

When you feel like you have killed enough wildlife to fill your Evolve bar, eat as fast as you can. I always choose damage perk, but now that I think about it, the feed perk will probably help a lot. Anyway, In your feast, you’ll eventually alert the birds, but that’s okay, because you made it happen this late, deccent hunters will be around the cave area in the belief that you’re sneaking around over there. (Because eating in caves does not alert birds).

You evolve and you should have enough time to get away before the hunters make it there (Occasionally, you might even have time to armor up in that area, but I don’t find that area particularly ideal for fighting* (Goliath*).

All this is not easy to pull off, but can work really well and it was just an example of how you could use sneaking in a good way early game.

It takes 9 seconds to Evolve. Can’t remember how long it takes to initiate the evolve, but it’s definitely not 11 seconds.

Aaaaanyway, this got rather lengthy. I hope it helps a little. :bucket_salute:


“One can’t climb forever, unless you are really good,”

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It sounds like you’re bad at sneaking.
Knowing when to sneak and when not to is an important part of playing the monster.
You should be changing up the way you evade the hunters based on which trapper they chose.
Maggie? Abandon sneaking altogether.
Griffin? You have some breathing room at the beginning before he gets his spikes set up, after which sneaking is preferable for obvious reasons.
Abe, Crow, Jack? You can sneak from the get go against these guys and they have no guaranteed way of getting back on your tail. If you play smart against these 3 you can get Stage 2 without them finding you.
You can use your tracks and birds to bait and switch the hunters, make tracks leading one direction then sneak in the other, frighten birds in one area then sneak to another. Again, knowing when and when not to do this is important. The best way to learn is to experiment.

Some people have suggested feeding routes. While efficient, good hunters will know about them too. If they find themselves lost the first things they’ll check are buffs and feeding grounds.
Formulating one plan for each map will only get you so far. What if they find you on your feeding route before you’ve managed to stage up? You should always have a plan B, and a plan C, and they should all be with consideration for which hunters you are up against.

If the hunters are closing in on you and you think you’re about to get domed it is often advantageous to counter-initiate. If you can start the fight in your favor you could get a strike, down the trapper, or force the hunters to spend the rest of the dome’s duration recovering. Even at stage 1 the monster is formidable, and every member of the team that’s using their gear to keep someone else alive is a member of the team not shooting at you.

And no, it does not take 20 seconds to evolve. It takes 9. You can count it if you want.

3 of the hunters you listed are legitimately broken at the moment, Jack, Hank and Slim. More-so when paired with each other, to a lesser degree on their own. Hank in particular has needed some attention but the devs just seem to be sticking their fingers in their ears and utterly ignoring the fact that Hank has been the keystone of the meta game since launch.
Laz is easily countered. If you’re having problems with him as Kraken, no offence, but it sounds like you’re just bad. Kraken is the Laz counter. No monster can corpse camp like Kraken can. If you have downed someone and you see Laz go invisible, what do you think he’s going to try and do?
Focus Laz. If he goes invisible start nuking the body of whoever you downed. When he’s visible again finish the Job
Failing that, if the fight isn’t going your way just kill the trapper and run. Laz will rez him, but you will escape, giving you a chance to build your armor back up.
Laz is a really bad medic, he is massively over-rated by bad players who think he’s the shit because bad monsters don’t know how to handle him. Again, no offence.

If you’ve recently gone from Bronze Destroyer to Silver Skilled, I hate to break it to you but that’s still in the lower brackets in terms of monster skill.

I just been regular goliath since everyone is picking the fudgers who murder rape wraith and I’m wining as him

Lol I haven’t lost a Behemoth match since I went rock wall only 3 months ago.

This sounds balanced to me. If you won every single match that would be monster favored.

Don’t get too frustrated, just try your best to figure out how to defeat them.

Ok after playing tonight I’ve come to the conclusion that this game is a piece of shit! The whole idea for this game was that you could be the monster. Great. The monster is a lot of fun I’ll give them that. But why not give the monster a fighting chance too? The hunters are entirely overpowered. The maps are way too small making it impossible to shake the hunters and evolve in peace. You lose all your fucking armor after you evolve so even if you manage to get far enough to evolve before they get to you, they will definitely be there right after you are done evolving and you are left with no armor and trapped under a damn dome. And on top of all that, even if you do manage to get to stage 3, a decent hunter team can easily outlast you with shields,slows, and traps. And then you’re dead.

Monster needs a serious buff and maps need to be redone.

Most of your post was for tips outside of fighting. Do u have any tips for actual fights? Like, how do you deal with the obvioiusly OP combo of Hank and Jack? And how do you deal with exceptionally good kiting Lazs with hank/jack in the team? I want to get better as Goliath but I too am stuck at silver skilled/expert.