Impossible to win a game against a lazarus


Don’t eat the hunters when others are around you, there isn’t even need to eat anyone unless the hunter is stranded and you can afford beating him into unconsciousness.
It is easy to kill a hunter if you focus him at the expense of some armor and possibly health. Incap Laz, run away, recuperate. Repeat. Now you have Laz on 2 strikes, so next engagement is fatal for him. Focus him again. He’s not a problem anymore, feast on the rest of the team. Game won.*
*results may vary


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then pay attention to when they reenter the teamfight, simple

like, you know when he WANTS to re-enter it, just be on the lookout for that


It took me ONE game playing as Lazarus to realize as the monster (I played the next match), all you have to do is concentrate on a corpse you haven’t eaten yet as soon as he’s out of your sight. That simple. I now love and own as Lazzy but also own him as the monster.


Altho this example isn’t the very best you can check this(this was my first time streaming so don’t expect much).

Go into the second game about 5 minutes before the broadcast ends and see how easy it is to kill lazi.

(There are spikes every 10 seconds for 1 second dunno why.)

PS.1st game doesn’t count,i lost because if you see while i was trying to attack or eat it wouldn’t do it because of the lags.I had to alt-tab and close the torrent mid-fight to go back to normal but i already was with no armor and low life, STILL i lost with 1 hunter left alive i think.

Anyway check my second fight


If your playigng kraken just pay attention to any downed hunters and throw some banshee mines down or even a lightning strike. Most of the time you’ll interrupt him and get some damage off as well. Goliath same thing just use an ability on the body or try to keep your fight near the body so any wayward attacks have a chance to interrupt Lazarus


the only thing Lazarus has is resurrection. If you know that, it’s so easy to pretend you’re backing off and then unloading a skill combo on top of the body he’ll surely go to rez, even if you don’t see him. Then you kill him,kill him again and in the next fight kill him another time and gg.


Or you kill him first by smelling when he is invis :wink:


Just wanna say that i won every game i played as monster.


Fixed it for you.Now they mad for sure


Lazarus is easy. Focus on Laz and drop him or make him pop his invis. Switch targets when he goes invis, until he comes out of invis, then retarget him. If you down someone and you see Laz go invis, just spam abilities on the corpse so he can’t get to it.

Don’t try eating bodies in the middle of a fight. That’s silly. That being said, eating a body is quick and gives armor, so if enemies don’t have LOS, you can gobble them up quick.

Lazarus is good only when the Monster isn’t paying attention to him. He lacks solid healing for the team, which is a huuuuge weakness.


Get all of them low. The lazarus device has a very long cooldown.


I haven’t played the game yet but I’ve seen so much of it I may have an answer. Remember laz can res anyone except himself so focus him. If he’s nowhere to be found couches ethier the support or assault. After that hunter is down continue the fight but watch the body if laz res him then foucus laz and kill him then do work. If laz doesn’t res him then that most likely means he is keeping his distance in which case u wanna down the trapper (if the dome is up) and get out of there and try to avoid fighting till the very end( cause laz is a punk! Which also means smart ) Ultimately this strategy revolves around u baiting laz out so u can down him and get strikes on him then when he has two strikes kill him and work on the rest of the team. To sum it all up if laz gets in the fight then kill him and then everyone else if laz is never in the fight then u shouldn’t be ethier unless u can down multiple people in which case ur taking advantage of the laz device cool down. Maybe my strategy will change when I get experience but that’s all I have for now


I love to fight very Laz, you have to fight the long fight, draw him out with a down and then get to work. Laz also lacks consistent healing so you have many little advantages to your game, for example: hunters won’t be so ballsy about chasing you if they’re all stuck on low health from a hit and run :stuck_out_tongue: more time for you to feed :slight_smile:


Lazarus is as much anti-fun as the Wraith is. His ability needs some type of limiter or restraint so he can’t use it 500 times during a match, seeing as it is riciulously powerful and game changing.


Ofcourse you cant’t just eat them, but every monster has an ability to push the hunters away, and like that you can make some space between you and the hunters, Wraith could use his decoy and just eat him.


Not really i just go after laz an it’s over he’s not to hard to deal with


You need to make the decision to either run away or take out Lazarus first


Lazarus can be very difficult but he is double edged sword for his team. While his revive is extremely powerful he provides very little active healing for his teammates. The best tactic is to focus him down first. If your using goliath fire breath will go a long way in helping you finish him off if he tries to cloak since fire breath will reveal his location. If you get him down you have couple options. 1st try to finish him off if its safe enough. 2nd run away if the rest of the hunters are on top of you. If you down one of the other hunters be sure to guard their body very closely. Lazarus will mostly likely try to sneak in with cloak to revive the downed hunter. Keep the pressure on the downed hunter and you will probably reveal laz as he tries for a revive and now is your chance to down him. If you kill a hunter try to eat their corpse if you get a chance. Eating them will prevent laz from reviving them. The point here is use hit and run tactics to wear down lazarus while not sacrificing your health to much. If you can two strike lazarus then you will almost guarantee your victory every time.


Laz is defintely a tricky bastard to kill but @Plaff and @Twisted had my Laz game shut down HARD the other day lol. It’s definitely possible to kill him. When your fighting a team with Laz it’s really a fight between you and him until he goes down. Everything else is just noise until he’s dead.