Impossible to win a game against a lazarus


its impossible to win a game against a lazarus that hunter keeps revieving everyone doesn’t matter if they died 400 times they’ll still get revieved, now probably some of u guys will be like: well kill him first then? He isnt even there, and when i do find him, he’ll just go invisible and talrara. now some of u will be like ‘‘well if u cant find him then dont fight’’, I CAN’T BECUASE OF THE TRAPPER PUTTING THAT BLUE THING THAT TRAPS ME INSIDE.

NOTE: for all you ‘‘oldgen’’ guys stating that im a new person and that i just joined the hype and blablabla. ive pre ordered evolve on 8 february 2014, ive played the second alpha till lvl 20-23. ive had over 50 monster games. its just that i noticed that i was losing 90% -95% of the matches i played against lazarus in the beta, it is going better now following all the tips some of you guys gave me, but it didn’t change the fact that this guy is able to revieve over and over. i think the best way to balance lazarus is that hes just able to revieve a player from the dead twice or 3 times ( per player individually)

Tips for dealing with Lazarus
My Evolve Beta Experience and Thoughts(very very long)

Just eat the hunters you killed and he cant revive them anymore


Except it’s not as simple as that. You might have the chance of doing that if you play wraith, but not as Goliath or kraken, because the hunters will shoot you and interrupt you when feeding on the corpse.

I’ve gotta admit that Laz is my kryptonite. As kraken, if I had downed someone, I would focus the corpse constantly. I’d put Banshee mines around the body, use vortex, etc, spam standard attack, It’s so frustrating when you put so much energy away from the rest of the hunters to make sure that Laz won’t get the revive, and yet they always manage to get up and I’m clueless as to what I do wrong.

I’m not going so far as to call Laz OP yet, but truly I must be doing something wrong, right? D:


I hate to be the guy but.


I haven’t lost a game because of Lazarus yet.Just whatever the monster you are playing when you kill someone,and u are trying to kill some1 else every couple of seconds turn around and throw something to the dead body.If laz is there his res will be interuppted.Use a flamethrow or drop some Kraken mines.


EXACTLY, i tried to eat them but i was getting interrupted 24/7, and i can’t ignore the shots they were giving me so i was forced to pay less attention to them and move to my next target, meanwhile lazarus goes invisible and walks up to the guy i just had killed, reviews and here we go again


just kill lazarus first, i dont see the problem here

i just went up against a lazarus team as goliath

just put myself in the middle of them, and when i start hurting any of the hunters, lazarus goes to heal or do SOMETHING
so he’s putting himself in harm’s way, and is extremely vulnerable


Agreed he’s very overpowered even when I kill him he resurrects himself!


most of my matches against lazarus, he was just no where to be found in a teamfight, at the replays i noticed most lazarus players stay away from the teamfight, and come the moment someone dies while being invisible, revievs them, and get away from the teamfight again


This, this is what I did all the time in the Alpha, and it worked just fine. But this technique failed me so many times here in the beta that all I find myself doing is focusing the corpse, yet it still doesn’t work. Did they make any changes to Laz? No?

There must be some other way to deal with Laz, right? Please let me know. I need to know. xD


Love the fact I’m a Laz main. No strikes all day erryday.


Dunno dude i honestly have NO problem against laz.Maybe it is because i always focus him first.

But anyway people who just made an account and playing for the first time need to realize.Many people here are playing the game since Closed Alpha,Big Alpha,Beta.Also following the forums and the streams for half a year now.Do you see them complain?No they don’t.Because there are ways to counter everything.


There has got to be challenges man though it is frustrating rifgt
Now it’ll be that muh sweeter when you figure how to beat him and realize that’s part of the fun


Me and my team had a match of maybe 30 minutes against a Kraken. I was Laz and in the first 25 minutes I had to revive my mates instantly.
But in minute 26 the Kraken player realized: When he stays near the bodies, and spam his AoE skills around them - or eat them - Laz got no chance to revive them :’(


First of all. Take it easy with the language.
2nd… Support has the beam not trapper.
3rd… You do have to just kill Laz lol… Even if Hank has the beam you can out damage the beam if you keep at it.
Laz is a one trick pony. And if you can’t find Laz camp the damn body. Don’t be all “Laz is OP” when you clearly haven’t exhausted your options of planned any strategy to deal with him.


Just eat the… hit oh let’s try again. Just eat… hit damn it!
fine I’ll go kill that freaking sniper!

Yeah, doesn’t work that way unless they abandon the hunters who died.


i pre ordered this game a half year ago, i did play the Alpha , reached lvl 23 there, had like 50-60 wins as the monster and around 3 losses, but now it just seems impossible to win against lazarus.


2: im not talking about the beam, about the thing that holds you in a small space for a period of time.
3: im not talking about the beam


Then you just can’t play against Lazarus.He is your weak point.I have more problem dealing with the supports and their invisibility.Even tho i can somehow see them when i Smell,i guess my eyes betray me :smiley: .

But when the game starts and i see they have Lazarus i’m kinda relieved for the no-heal thing.I don’t even care about him anymore.It’s all about each players gameplay


Ah my apologies.
You just need practice breaking the cables. Used to get me as well, but you get used to just a quick flick to get them off you, then back to the slaughter.