Impossible to Revive

Would you prefer that she didn’t tell you the cause, so you had to put up with the bug for ages?

Also :

@Shaners it is not limited to this. It happens when the person reviving receives any healing.

Thanks. I appreciate the clarification, along with the info provided by others.

I’m honestly not trying to draw you out for flaming here, but is there any share-able ETA for a console fix on this?

Needing to avoid any and all sources/forms of healing including pre-match perks while attempting revives is obviously an immensely counter-intuitive bug.

The average Evolve player who does not frequent this forum will likely assume that reviving downed hunters is now often impossible due to a mysterious bug and this may lead to additional community shrink in-and-of-itself…

The dev team doesn’t appear to be treating this bug with the severity of the Behemoth server crash/freeze bug, but I think you will find the average player equally put-off and losing enjoyment in tolerating this issue as well.

Its not just regen buff doing it. I never use regen and I’ve had it happen a lot. I just been using Val’s med gun to revive now and try not to go down myself.

@MrStrategio, This is what I was speaking of earlier. When someone is actively being healed and are having issues being revived. Thank you for the info @Creation_Chaos!

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@Shaners if you need I can provide video pretty quickly if you need.

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Thanks Creation! :blush: I’ll check with Mr Stratego… he should know what we’re referring to, but I will definitely let you know if we need it. Thank you thank you! :blush:

@Creation_Chaos Thanks for the offer, but that won’t be necessary. You are right that any healing negates the revive. We have the issue fixed already on PC and it will be coming to a future update for consoles.

Cool, no problem. Lost a few games too it on console but I know It takes time for this stuff to come through so we are just working around it. Always willing to help if need be. :smile:

Edit: @MrStrategio also if you ever need video of a bug or something on console let me know and me and my team can try to recreate it and I can post a video.

Still cant revive on ps4 after update.

Hopefully next patch fixes. Literally ruins games :confused: still an issue.

Has the bug been addressed or resolved at all? I don’t see it anywhere on the Bugs thread, and the last posts here seem a little old, but I have encountered this exact bug several times in the past hour. And not just me, but three others on my team, as well.

If it is still being addressed, sorry for beating the dead horse. If not, I think it needs some priority because it honestly costs a lot of games.

It’s on the bug thread friend :smile:

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I saw that, but the bug is deeper than that. I’m not nor were any of my teammates being healed. The healing isn’t causing the bug. But thank you for pointing that out.

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Is it fixed on PC? Because if it is, chances are it’s the same bug, and it will be fixed for consoles in the next title update.

Health Regen?

Mmm, that is possible. I know I picked that perk a few times, though I can’t remember if it was always those matches I had the problem, nor do I know what perks my teammates had. I’ll have to test it!

Healing regen will cause this bug to occur. It has already been fixed on PC, and PC players haven’t reported further issues, so I bet that’s the cause. I would make sure no one is using the health regen perk until the next title update when the fix comes through.


Also, the tyrant buff? Not sure if that also causes it, but I would think it does.

Gotcha, though that’s a lot to ask people if they’re running with a Laz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you :).