Important thing to clarify in Bucket´s challenge (read)


On forums I saw many people saying : I get 25K/50K dmg with sentries.

Well you don ´t
Only dmg dealt to Monster counts so :

This doesen´t count as dmg to event, cause it is dmg dealt also to wildlife/minions.

THIS counts as the challenge dmg (yea same game of solo Defence match, but the monster was still running… )

Hope it helps

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Another Community Challenge! Bucket Sentry Guns (Main Goal: Completed!)

@Shin and I spent like half an hour in Defend and got 150,785 turret damage on just the Monster.

…Lol. :wink:

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Rose must have her skins after all. ^.^

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Can you blame her? HAVE YOU SEEN the Hank Skins, Shin? HAVE YOU?! O.o

We need them. Make her chuck so many Baby Buckets you all drown in them. Monster, Hunters, Mammoth Birds, whatever. More Turrets!