IMPORTANT-Renegade Abe

Renegade’s been a real destroyer from the day he actually got released. Item switch perks and a little bit poison damage perk means true destruction with Renegade Abe. But nowadays, it’s pretty hard to get him do do his job properly because he needs a good, supporting team to really do business. But because of the matchmaking system, you get on a team that has newbie players (players that never ever played medic or so on) and you just tickle the monster while you watch your team die with Renegade. (I usually get a monster to %55-70 health in a dome fight) So maybe boost our toxic fella a bit to carry his own butt. It would be nice to see Renegade Abe buffs. Because literally, if you play renegade for 5 matches, you lose in 3 of them. That’s unfair.

Recategorised to Suggestions as this is, well, a suggestion. Not sure the necessity for the “IMPORTANT” in the title as while balance issues should always be addressed, I don’t think it should be the place of a single player to judge the importance of one suggestion over another.

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I think you are having a wrong approach on the subject.

Start adding some people you like their playstyle on your Steam. Try creating some team and play regular with them.
As your Steam list grows, so will the people you will have available to play with at all times.

What you are asking has been adressed with solo buffs when doing solo ques.

Evolve is not a game where one character is meant to carry the rest.
No Assault or character can carry a whole team, and shouldn’t.
If someone could it would mean that this character is broken as hell.

Also lurk around and read about some things in the forums. There is a hell lot of talk around balance these days, what you are asking is straightforwardly wrong for so many reasons my friend.

(edit: Adding Important with capitals is not needed, the forums are always active and people pay attention to all threads.)


If you’re getting a monster down to 55%-70% health in a dome fight whilst using a character designed for post-dome chip damage, then no, you don’t need to be doing more damage.


If you play a specialized hunter that requires team coordination in pubs with randoms, you’re going to have a bad time.

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Did I miss something here???:confused:


So you win 2 out of 5, wich means 40%, but because of this very limited sample it also may mean about 50%, and it is WITH PUBS … to me it sounds like OK, sorry.

I’m fine with him not being OP any more, thanks.

@Lerneros hit the nail on the head with that wisdom-hammer.

Try and use your mic to communicate and when you find good players add them on Steam. Over time you’ll build up a friends list full of good players that you can call upon for a pre-made team, or maybe they’ll even start inviting you to pre-mades.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even make friends.

Okay. I admit it. I didn’t know how to play RAbe. But I’ve learned a lot in a month. A lot that I’ve became a RAbe main. Can devs close this thread? I think it’s useless now.

I really think the armor Regen not affected by poison change should be removed for rabe. That being said, I don’t think rabe really needs any buffs.

He’s my second favorite assault (I prefer to main assault) and I only choose him when I know my teammates are able to utilize his abilities well.

Oh, pal…[quote=“Delphox, post:1, topic:104116”]
just tickle the monster while you watch your team die with Renegade

that once happened with Abe and he became a RAbe…he never asked for this((
But, well, if this happens with RAbe again does that mean he will become a MAbe (Monster Abe)?:thinking: