Important Question to the playstation community


I have been considering hosting a tournament, but i need to ensure i would get at least 10 teams. I need to know how many of you all would be willing to sighn up? The rules would be similar to esl or tgl, I would try to set up 1st and 2nd place prizes, but I dont want to give all the details unless I know i would get a good playerbase. So please comment if you would want to participate(solo/ or already have a team)


What times/dates are you thinking Ballz? Would it be like the community tourney as far as who can be on a team…etc? I can see if people are interested, but no participation for me as far as competing.


I was thinking sundays, and you can have whoever you want on your team


@Deity_Pharaoh @CptBoomBoom @Plaff (might be PC only now) @Torvald_Stavig


10 teams? That’s not gonna happen.

There might be 50 people interested in it, but half of them won’t have time and the other half is too lazy putting a team together, signing up and organizing the matches :pensive:

Anyway, you can count on my team signing up, if we get at least 4 teams together.


Honestly, i don’t expect 10, but by setting the bar high i hope to get around 8. Glad to hear you guys would be in!


I’m Nh_xenomorph on psn. I’ll go through my friends list and see if I can put together a team.


I would participate but I don’t have any team mates. If others would like to join me then I could work something out.


See, I’d be interested, but my mic sounds like crap and I have no friends on PSN. :confused:
I’d be at a huge disadvantage with no mic, and I’d have to group up with people I don’t know.


Wasn’t aware you played on PS4…and you don’t like making friends? Haha. A mic is key but as long as you know what you’re doing it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.


I’ve made a few friends playing, but without a good quality mic it’s hard. I’ve played since release and still only have a few friends I’ve met in Evolve, the ones I did normally messaged me after a game asking to group up. And we would, but without a mic it makes very little difference, other than the fact you at least know the person you’re playing with knows they’re shit, lol.
Edit: I would just like a mic for the coordination. The ability to call out when you see the Monster, or make quick snap decisions like having two Hunter’s flush the Monster towards the Trapper. Things like that are vital in competition play.


Well, try not to let that deter you, if you look, you’ll find quality players that wont mind a bad mic.


Skullcandy makes good earbuds with in-line mics that function well enough. It’s what I us because no money for a real headset.


Do you play on PS4? My girlfriend bought me the PlayStation Gold headset, but the mic is built into the ear piece. Nobody can ever hear me clearly. It doesn’t help that PlayStations chat is already fuzzy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do, but my subscription ran out three weeks ago, and I’m broke as hell right now. PlayStation Plus is stupid.

EDIT: I should state that I also play on PC, but infrequently because my PC is weaksauce.


I also use the PlayStation gold and I never have an issue. Maybe it’s a bad model?

@michigan_ball perhaps, I’d have to think about it.


I know, I just renewed PlayStation Plus. I wish they had kept the free online.


Maybe I set it up wrong, people never hear me clearly. :confused:


They did it to keep up revenue and to compete well with Microsoft. Xbox live has a ton of free indies and other stuff. Plus can now do that, but they had to keep getting monies somehow.


For me, it was just a matter of putting in the yuan
USB. I didn’t have to set up anything. PSN ID is the same as the forum tag - send me a friend request if you wish and I can listen to see if you sound funny.