IMPORTANT BUG REPORT! (well, not really)


I’m currently unable to play Evolve on Steam. I’ve had this issue since Tuesday. Evolve is in my games list, it shows up just fine, but the “play” button is missing. I’ve asked around and a lot of other people are having the same issue. It’s going to be pretty hard for me to fulfill my needs for digital alien harpooning until you get this bug fixed. I expect a patch for it VERY SOON or I’m not buying this game!


…troll or real?

alpha ended tuesday -.-


Neither, more like sarcasm :smile:
Plus I have the shakes from withdrawal.


I have the urge to play more Kraken and, thanks to talking about him in another thread, Hank. Need this game T_T


so not funny btw


The more I talk about Evolve, and think about Evolve, and dream about Evolve…I realize…