Imitate glitch


Im not sure when but sometimes Gorgons Imitate tends to explode immediatly. it occured me on Weather control and Distillery. which is VERY annoying as Imitate is a core skill on her :C


The Mimic has a health pool so if hunters are shooting it enough then it will be destroyed. If all hunters are shooting it then it can be destroyed pretty quickly. That is probably what you’re experiencing. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have a video of this just to be sure it isn’t actually a bug?


Its not because of hunters shooting it, as i dont use it mid fight(behind corners/in caves) and i dont see it taking damage. its just as if i pressed 4 again to remote explode it. imma try getting a video of it in some botgames


I wonder if its related to my Behemoth attacks disappearing

(I think they are traveling downwards into unseen geometry).
(and why the monsters Rock it out 90’s Headbanging style while trying to eat sometimes too)
(and why wraith mimic gets stuck in mid grab. (particles stuck in geometry) (although havent seen this last one reoccur yet)


I got a recording, but the it doesnt let me post the video here :confused: as its not a .gif file. can i send it to you through any other way?


Ok try it again, just bumped you up to member status. :slight_smile:


crap .DRV files still dont work :frowning:


You could try to upload it to youtube and link the video from there?


ok. gonna do that :smile:



it doesnt happen all the time but for me it occurs quite frequently :confused:


Does it happen all game or just within a timeframe? When you notice it starting to happen, are there any connection issues or players leaving?

It could help the devs figure out what is happening. :slight_smile:


No connection issues. im not sure if its a timeframe thing but it happens 70% of the time i use imitate :confused: it does occur in certain spots most of the time tho, for example the little cave near the relay on weather control