Imagine Sunny with a paddle instead of a main weapon


She would still be the best /thread. GL TRS balancing her by reducing the damage. It is a fantastic joke that keeps me laughing everytime I think about it.


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In a gaming forum unfortunately for you off-topic is non-game related. Feel free to put it into feedback or gameplay I don’t care either way.


It is gaming related, but your original post offers nothing constructive. You seem to want her to be adjusted, why not give your opinion on how?


Why would we give her a paddle? I’m not sure I get the joke…


There are only 2 ways to balance sunny and that is cut roughly 60% of her range on shield and jetpackbooster or to flat out remove either one of those from her toolkit.

There is no way a support with 2 defensive abilities doesn’t rule supreme over all others. Especially since the JP is as strong as hanks shield on its own (actually even stronger since it has out of combat uses)

JP deprived the monster of all anti-doming techniques. Sure you can still try and sometimes get away with juking a dome, but it is playing the lottery.

Originally the dome was a duel between trapper and monster - a quite enjoyable one at that. I don’t mean that random follow the monster straight trappers, but those that stayed back in cut-off position. Now you still have to duel the trapper, but he has the failsave in form of a purple beam.

Remember the old days of a 2/2 split that had the risk the monster would traverse over the non-trapper team? If you try that now you will have sunny that makes sure the trapper catches up to the other 2 + throw the dome with his own fuel.

3/1 split used to be dangerous for the trapper, but oh wait. Now you will simply have a boosted medic or whatever on t he scene in seconds.

The telemetry thread shows it perfectly. The devs compare the values of torvald and parnell and are dumbstruck why there is such a huge difference in win%, but not in damage dealt. So constructive criticism will hardly matter at this point since it has been given since release and not transformed into good patches.

These are the rules the game should follow:

  1. Highest acceptable burst damage is 1 healthbar, but doesn’t include monsters willingly going over 5 stationary defenses like mines.
    -For reference Cabot + Torvald can take out full stage 1 behemoth armor in 1 mortar barrage with dmg amp. I imagine a wraith getting hit by that once is almost cut in half.
  2. Support has 1 defensive ability in addition to cloak at the most.
  3. Diminishing return on all soft ccs. Val tranqing you for the fifth time? Time to cut the monster some slack. To ensure stable after dome results.
  4. Assistance to doming outside the trapper class should be kept to a minimum to allow skill and tactics to matter.


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