Imagine a sequel to Evolve-


That was a story/character based shooter with rpg elements. Maybe even third person. Takes place after Evacuation.

Gameplay inspired by perhaps Metroid Prime and Fallout, with bosses and huge exploration.

Goal of the game is to explore deeper and farther into Shear to destroy the source of the monsters, perhaps even finding out that the monsters have somehow found their way off-planet to where multiple planets come into play.

Its a bit of a strange idea, but These characters in Evolve are so well written and made, I would love to see them in a setting like this.

Just to get ya thinkin, how do you think a game like this would stay faithful to each hunter class?


I don`t like such a kind of sequel for Evolve, cause it feels like a copy ofany shooter. A storry-teller or an other universe with a close gameplay are the only things I can imagine.


I want this to some extent, but also to give Monsters their own story and purpose, including giving them the way off planet as a plot point. Also, new evolutions, such as a temporary stage 4, a Limit Break type attack for the Monsters (can be like multiple, red Supernova Decoys for Wraith, a bigger, explosive rock for Goliath or a pressurized breath attack. A mix of Aftershock and Lightning Strike for Kraken, etc. Could even have drawbacks for use in multiplayer). I love how this game has so much potential given the opportunity. Hope it doesn’t die.



Let’s not.

Though I’m all for a sequel with a -huge- map and multiple teams of hunters and a handful of monster players. Would be sweet.


If the second game became a rpg, I would never touch the game again…

  1. Can we just not with sequels?
  2. Evolve wouldn’t work as an open world RPG with bosses. So what @XMetrusX said.


If I may ask, why? What about it being an RPG would negatively affect the game? Just wondering.


Making it an RPG destroys every single aspect of this being a 4v1 game. That’s what is, should, and always be.


I don’t follow. I can easily imagine it having RPG elements while being a semi-balanced 4v1 game. Bloodborne and Darksiders II are example of action games with RPG elements, and Fallout 4 as a first person shooter with the same. If I am missing something about how it’d damage the core gameplay, please enlighten me.


I mean, I’m not sure how else to say it. An RPG will NOT work. This is team-based fps game where you are pitted against a player controlled monster. You cannot have these elements in an RPG and give it the same feel current Evolve has.


All I can say is I disagree. I see it as capable of working in my mind. Perhaps a few things may need tweaking and new content would need to be added (different tiers of weapons for Hunters and secondary perks for Monsters perhaps?), but nothing major changed. That’s my POV. But then, I don’t mind Evolve changing (the way it feels) a bit to reach a wider audience, as long as the core aspects don’t change much.


What i had in mind is not supposed to feel like Evolve.

In my opinion, itd be redundant to have a sequel to Evolve that felt like the same game as before.


Exactly. Sequels are supposed to…Well, evolve, build upon the previous iteration to make a better, more fluid, and efficient formula. In gaming, that means making a game that feels different, but keeps the core positives and both accentuates them and adds more positives. For a game lke Evolve, major changes are needed if the IP is to survive.


If this game were to have a spin-off or more narrative sequel, I would say that the events of Shear should be the set-up for the game, not the actual setting.

“Opening Sequence:
3 Months After the Events on Shear”

Depending on whether or not TRS reveals the origin of the monsters would play a huge factor into the actual storyline. If they do, than the story would revolve around the reaction to them. It’d be possible to reintroduce characters as “experts”, those who canonically survive Shear (ex. Ripley in “Aliens”).

If however they don’t reveal the source, which is more likely (where did the zombie outbreak come from in L4D?) than I’d say that the monsters are aggressively beginning to attack other colonies in the local star systems. Or perhaps delving more into the Patterson Field Effect, since that is the closest lead anyone has on the monsters motives. We already know that the monsters have been elsewhere besides Shear (Torvald’s ship, for one), so it’s completely plausible.

As for gameplay, it would have to follow in the same vein of mechanics as Evolve, and include many of the mechanics introduced to the game; jetpacks, perks, classes(?), etc. The biggest issue is that the game has such a strong “hunt” theme that to successfully execute that in a single player campaign would be very difficult. How would you have the player hunt a monster with an AI team and have the experience ruined by the limitations of AI? I certainly don’t have an answer.

As for the presentation of the campaign, you’d almost have to look to Battlefield’s campaigns to get an idea of how to present a single soldier in a battle/war that they are merely just a part of. Would you switch between different characters and their squad like CoD’s stories? Would you have the ability to swap between your squad based on what class was needed in that moment? Would it be a co-op campaign? And if so, should it be co-op only if the AI problem can’t be addressed? Both answers have many pro’s and con’s.

I certainly see potential, but I think it would be a huge undertaking, one I don’t think the dev’s are willing to undertake, esp. considering their multiplayer focused background.


The sequel is called Devolve! You start at stage 3 and have to Devolve to stage 1…and win!..Good luck.


True. But not the whole formula of the game. You are literally changing the genre. This series doesn’t need a spin-off either.


IThen you’d be making something entirely different if it doesn’t “feel like” evolve. Lol.

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 felt alike and you knew you were playing the same game but it had some differences.

You’re trying to make a different game entirely. It’s a complete overhaul of what the game is and should remain.

Personally, there is no necessity for a sequel.

And couldn’t this be merged into one of the 50 sequel threads?


I’m not really advocating for the game to become an RPG if you read my words carefully. I just meant I found it viable enough to not be a negative influence. I do believe the game needs major changes, but not necessarily in that direction.


A possible Evolve 2 could return the multiplay but the only way it is gonna work is to be a story driven game. It should tell the story of each hunter and monster. With indifidual missions for each and for the hunters one or two of their “planet taming” mission that didnt involve the giant beasts we all love and fear today.

As for the monsters their story is unknown but here is a few ideas

1 (If they were man made) missions where their “owners” test them on planets and sent them to take over worlds (Maby Factor also)
2 (If their just a alien hive that seeks only to conquer everything ) Invasion missions and how they expand their hive/nest/den/roost/ living space for monsters.


I’d love to see these characters in another game, but to me, this doesn’t sound like Evolve 2.