I'm very disappointed


The most disappointed I have been throughout my entire experience of evolve is none other than now. I’ve played more than almost if not everyone, regardless of console(that is not a dev). I’ve been here supporting the game through ups and downs. Been here through it all, did all the tournaments, swore by the game. And I’m not alone in feeling this way. My pals that I play with on PlayStation that have been here through it all and I assume the Xbox players in the same situation feel the same way. We have been neglected yet again in favor of pc (who dropped this game like its hot) for stage 2. I understand that it may have been hard for us to get a beta… But when we have been constantly the most supporting and largest community, just to get alienated like this feels like a blatant spit in the face. I will add more to this soon, but getting quick thoughts off my head for now.


no need to, believe me it has all been said through the entire day, and your voice joins a chorus that TRS is fully aware of but all we can do is support the PC launch and perhaps even try to get EVOLVE going on console to show 2K regardless of how STAGE 2 goes…console community is hungry for it and EVOLVE too.


I’m on Xbox as well and I’m not disappointed in the tiniest bit,yes they hyped us up,but looking at the forums r,they are a lot of things that they need to fix,so I’m pretty happy that we’ll get the fixed version


I’m a xbone player myself, and yeah i can agree with what you say, I don’t think they should had gotten all of us so excited only to say “Hey this whole thing ain’t coming out for a couple months” but oh well, not like creating this thread even matters becuase this forum is so black and white on what is negative spam and criticism.


I doubt youve played more then everyone or almost for that matter.
Dont over boast you just look shallow.
Suck it up an wait for the polished version.


100% agree


I’ve been supporting this game so hard for sooo long, but yet again we got shafted… It’s too much


Think of it this way: They’re getting the PC players to iron out (most of) the bugs for you. Because there are a lot right now, and there were bound to be.


Lol that dosent help me. My buddies and I have to sit here for 6+ months with our hands up our asses


You aint alone in how you feel, its all been said way before you put fingers to keyboard.

It won’t change or help the reality right now. Just how it is


Too many people say the same thing sadly TRS new this would happen that is what makes me more upset.


So have they said when consoles will get the title 9 update? We were told summer, and now people in here are making it sound like it’ll be another couple months which would be fall. Kind of lame, but whatever, just don’t care to hear about this game until it’s ready to play really. If the title update is just a week away I’m not sweating the delay.

why is this the only multi platform game this generation that is not capable of doing a multi platform beta exactly?


MS and Sony tell that to them,because the very same thing happens with Warframe


Look at it this way: the PC players are stuck with the imperfect Beta, while we get to wait for the final (and better) product.


Consoles wait a bit more simply because Microsoft and Sony (and this is a good thing, but not good for what TRS is wanting to do) have to certify the patches every time. PC doesn’t.
Think of it this way, we PC players get to play but we have to deal with any bugs or major imbalances for right now, and then everyone gets it later in a better state.
My primary account can’t even play the game for some reason while my 2nd account can. Weird bug.


Not sure what to make of it yet, as I just started the game but the fact that Goliath is locked at the beginning it’s ridicolous! Even more ridicoulous is the claim, by playing the tutorials you will unlock 2 additional characters Goliath and Makov, are you serious? Goliath is the very heart of Evolve and you saying it’s an additional character now? LOL.

Generally I find the F2P elements such daily login rewards and stuff like that annoying, making it more addictive for all the wrong reasons. Stuff like that does not belong in a game like this, IMO.

We will see…


Resources. Trs are a relatively small studio and evolve is a property that can’t have a huge amount of investment left in it. They said earlier that all their qa people were stacked on sorting out just the pc version, so clearly they don’t have the capacity other studios have to make this a simultaneous multi platform beta


From the way they’ve been wording things, its not “when” we get the update, its “if” we get the update.


Have to say something here.

@michigan_ball sentiment is perfectly reasonable and the feeling of the console players I’m with.

I’ll say this quickly too, bravo to TRS for how great it seems, how much fun you’re all having. I mean that, cause I’ve only heard amazing things. That makes me feel good about the community as a whole.

That’s out of the way, great.

On twitch, for the past several months (can’t speak for YouTube) it’s been mostly console players (mostly) who have been streaming. It’s known that before today, we had a larger community.

We were told in March of an update that got delayed due to legal reasons, and that is now a summer patch. So we waited, and on our streams, through word of mouth hyped up all these changes to old players and newcomers alike.
Then the night before the expected launch, we’re told that it’s not happening and not possible right now.


We’re now legacy players. We’ve been playing since day one, and don’t get to join the rest of a community we hoped support through so much, play the game the devs want us too.

We’ve been alienated from our community that we are so passionate about.

You know what else? And this is what truly drove the dagger deeper and hurt the most.

The stream comes on, and all these console players are confused cause there like wtf?

How did people respond?

Console sucks, stupid plebs. Haha PC master race, and no, no Kappas.

Did a dev step in and say hey, we here are a community not divided by console? The evolve community that’s been through so much?

Nope, business as usual. Download will be out soon, we’re fixing the audio, etc.etc.etc.

Or heyyyyy it’s for the better guys, think about it, we get to play the shit out of the game you’re so deeply invested in, as well as its community, and it’s for the better.

Right? With time invested, buying the game launch, all doc for myself, skins for multiple classes, and giveaways, I’m sunk at least 500-600$ into evolve.
Yet these people are telling our community that we should have to wait and not be upset by the timing.

Please stop telling us it’s worth it, and that we shouldn’t be upset we have every right.

Glad toe player base is back up, but when most considered the game dead did you stand up for it, and get on?

There are some incredible people who did yes.

But not 11,000.

I’m happy you’re all happy, but I’m not, and that sentiment is shared in the community who don’t come on here. Some still say it’ll be good,
But we have no timeline established.

We’re legacy players, not by choice.

So you all know, my official canon ins that the console hunters are stuck in a broken timeline, on a constant loop, repeating itself over and over.

Only now, some players are moving on, playing PC evolve, and they were on console, and we’re losing them from our base permanently, because there’s no way any of them are coming back over to grind out progression, IFFFFFF and hopefully when we get the update.

We’re not respected by the community we out a lot into, yes we’re gunna be hurt, yes we feel alienated, no we won’t just get over it.

Had to respond, didn’t wanna post, engines back into lurk mode.

Edit: Mich is cute and has an eight pack, BOOST CLOAK, health damage good dome!


I came into this thread seeing you posted, was expecting some positive, optimistic bullshit because you are so respected by the devs. Came here, read it. Thank you for saying this Jay, because it needs to be said by someone powerful, I DONT GIVE A SHIT IF PS4 HAS TO GET A CERTIFICATION TO GET STAGE 2 OUT I WAS PROMISED STAGE 2 THIS MONTH.

It’s an indirect slap to the face for the smallest playerbase to be so supported.