I'm trying to report some hacker


Hi, a Hacker-Report Section would be great.
I’ve encountert a couple of Hackers over the past few days.
Some of them are captured on Video (Fyling Wraith)
here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MktPuuWPLVw

and this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnCrtH0RC9c
I’m not sure if the second one really is a hacker, but i noted the few damage he tooked without any buffs. So far, the game is very good and i like it, but the Hacker i encounterd, take away a lot of it.

Thanks and keep up the great work


this game has no cheaters the community says


I think a flying wraith is not intended or I’m just to stupid to get mine of the ground


we also dont have any leavers some say :wink:

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He’s not hacking he prob has CD reduction giving him alot of warpblasts and your team is shooting him giving him Traversal CD’s by the looks of it, but only way to tell would be to see him do that without being shot at

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Honor guard, we salute you!

We appreciate that you want to keep Evolve clear of players using cheats, exploits, hacks and/or scams. Or want to inform us about website(s) offering cheats, for Evolve. This is an automated response and in order to process your report, we’ll need the following information from you:

What information do we need from you to report suspicious behavior from players in the game?

-Platform (PS4, XBOX One or PC).
-Player Gamertag /PSN ID/Steam ID which you are reporting.
-Description of the incident in as many details as possible.
-Approximate time/date of the incident.
-If possible, please include concrete evidence, such as a video or a screenshot. Any evidence submitted must show the player’s Gamertag or PSN ID and a clearly-visible offense.
Taking a screenshot or video often involves using an external device (such as a smartphone or screen capture card) to record what is shown on your screen.
The picture or video evidence can then be uploaded and attached to your email. Videos posted on YouTube are also acceptable as long as video link is included in correspondence.

Open new Evolve Request > Feedback Issue > Report Abusive Player

Or E-mail honorguard@2k.com

Please note that in order to respect our privacy policy, we will not be able to communicate the results of our investigations and/or any action taken as a result of that investigation.

2K Support


We have plenty of mad kids though :wink:


first time I see a Flying wraith x))) 2 options he’s a super pro gamer or he’s in fact a pro cheater x)


he did have CD reduction you can see the mammoth bird below his health. not cheating just using the wraith diferently


I had an experience not so long ago in a game I had where I was playing as the monster (as I tend to do) and I was being continually harpooned non-stop. I mean that quite literally, every time the hunters caught up with me I was harpooned, I break it, harpooned, I break it, harpooned over and over and over. I managed to get away eventually using terrain etc to allow me to get distance and eventually make a run for it, but as soon as they caught up with me and we engaged again, continual harpooning again. This cycle of events happened 3 times until I finally succumbed to their damage and lost the round.

There was absolutely no cool down time between these harpoons at all and its the only game I’ve played where it was as continual as that. I’m sure I’ve seen good players who’ve used the gun wisely and placed harpoon traps cleverly and it’s caused me trouble but once I’ve broken free I’ve gotten away. Not so with the example to which I refer, it was simply continuous. Never before or since have I experienced anything like it.

I don’t know if this was a player with advanced skills/tweaks/perks or if in fact it was some sort of cheat whereby there was 0 cooldown time on the harpoon gun, I’ll let you guy decide that but I thought I would share the experience to see what other people think.

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I hate to make more wraith controversy, but that is not a hack. Probably not intentional, but not cheating.

I did some tests earlier…turns out wraith can fly indefinitely above dome range if you know the right sequence of abilities with the right timing. I was just dropping by to mention this in the bug section.

The bad news: a flying wraith is untrappable and leaves no trail.
The good news: it can’t eat or fight unless it comes down, and if that happens, literally everything will be on cooldown leaving it vulnerable for a fair period. also, it is really easy to spot from pretty much anywhere on the map.

I will say, wraith flight is fun, but definitely needs a bit of examination in the near future.


You’re not allowed to speak as thou you’re a victim you hypocrit… you leave games repeatedly to either avoid hunters you know will beat you, or when you’re about to be beat during a match.


People just don’t realize that even abduct can be used to keep you afloat, when you are waiting for traversal or warp blast.

OT: Dude at least write down some time when to watch, that goliath video is 35minutes long, aslo how can you play with that brightness?


I’m skeptical on the wraith video. Looks like the wraith is abusing his abilities to stay in the air for a long time. Couple that with a traversal cooldown and she can stay up there for a long time. I’m guessing that was a design oversight on the devs part.

As for the goliath video that looks like all legitimate gameplay. My main pick is always goliath so I have a lot of experience with him. If he was hacking he should have been able to stomp you guys easy.


it’s because of the stream setting. my ingame settings are untouched. the 2nd video is just here because i can’t tell how it’s possible, that he lost so less damage. both goliath and wraith. but thanks for watching, i learned something

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That’s I’ve been doing lately as wraith. I thought that was just a part of playing sky wraith. It is so much fun as wraith like, tons of fun. It’s really tough to pull off a win though so I really don’t hope they take this playstyle away through some nerf.


Video 1: The Wraith has the 50% cooldown reduction buff and is in combat. While it’s an oversight that a Wraith can remain in the air like that, it was not hacking.

  1. Holding Abduct suspends downward movement to give the player a more stable means of targeting.
  2. The Wraith floats for a short (see: 1-2 seconds) after each ability and traversal.

Video 2: The point at which you complained about hacking on the Wraith, I didn’t notice anything outside the norm. Your support was not hitting her. Your assault was too busy dropping mines in the middle of the arena, and your medic was Val. That left you, as Maggie, as the only one really trying to harm the Wraith in many instances, and the damage reflected this quite well. I will note that you also tended to empty multiple clips into a Decoy before realizing it’s a Decoy.

The first portion of this video, to me, was a Wraith player abusing Decoy, performing basic evasion/in-combat armor regen, and otherwise being average against a group of hunters that knew woefully little about harming a Wraith.

With that said, your videos have brought up some other bugs the list does not currently have and it has given video evidence of their existence. Thank you for this contribution.


I just versed a hacker, but I didn’t record it. So I have no concrete proof. And the app replay doesn’t show much.
Do I still report it?


Fucking Griffin infinite harpoon hack…


Well the video has been removed, but your experience appears to mirror mine and so confirms that at the very least I’m not alone in my observation of this incident. I’m pretty sure there is a hack/exploit/bug which allows continual harpooning and it can’t be intended as it makes the game balance way off. If you can tie the monster down permanently then with a half decent team the game is over the first time the hunters come across the monster, because you will not get away.