I'm trying to love Griffin, but I can't


Maggie was my first elite, and she’s a beast (no Daisy pun intended). Abe is awesome of course. I thought maybe there was some aspect of Griffin’s style that I wasn’t getting, so I made an effort to utilize his strengths; overlapping Sound Spikes, taking Move Speed perk to harpoon behind the Monster. Ultimately, I found him straight lacking compared to the other Trappers. He simply doesn’t have the utility or versatility of Maggie & Abe, respectively. Am I missing something, or does anyone else have similar experience?


Try to not overlap sound spikes, get an even spread, see the monster wherever he goes.

although actual tracking should be more important, put them down on your way.

hate it when i catch a monster evolving only for griffin to be 200m away placing spikes


Should clarify, by overlapping I mean having the borders of each spike touch each other, instead of spreading them out across the entire map. I like to create a net in the middle, so we always know which direction the Monster is traveling.


I love him. Did you mean not overlapping his soundspikes because I spread them out? His harpoon is great for stopping the monster from escaping the dome and for literally being a pain in its butt when it tries to attack one of your teammates. x]


you want the monster to be running. if hes not running then you permanately poon him in the back.

the goal of griffin is to sacrifice early game for mid-late game. once you catch the monster in a dome in theory of not missing you can actually keep the monster at bay until the NEXT dome. normally resulting in a win.


at chokes a little overlap is fine, but in a game once a saw a griffin put down 5 spikes 10m apart, that overlapping aint good


Wishful thinking. You cannot guarantee that even with 100% harpoon accuracy. Reload is long and sometimes you will be in the air yourself so no dragging there.


being mid air still slows the monster to a near halt. early on we got a tip from the devs that when you see the monster begin to turn, let go of the cable. you will start to reload while the monster wiffs a melee atttack for no reason. you will reload before they can turn and run. (harder to do with wraith of course)


Yeah releasing early is good, but no the harpoon does not impair when your feet are not on the ground.


Mid-air Harpoon definitely slows movement. A number of times I’ve saved teammates from Leap Smash or Warp by a mere few meters. That said, the chance of keeping a Monster contained until the next Dome is so slim, coupled with the fact that you can never use your SMG when trap-focused, Griffin feels quite weak compared to the other 2.


I agree with OP. As a trapper player, I find Griffin to be lacking compared to the other two as well. He’s not bad, he just is not as good as Maggie or Abe because the harpoon gun just isn’t as good as the harpoon mines or stasis grenades.

His sound spikes are pretty good, and I think he has the best weapon of the three, but he rarely gets to use that weapon since he has to actively use his CC ability unlike the other two characters.


idk i take jetpack recharge or damage resistance even. and using one boost per harpoon shot (no one else can shoot the monster btw or it wont work) you can keep up with the monster then entire time. the only way they can break the lockdown is if they time your harpoon shots and turn to instantly swipe them. basically getting griffins cadence down


Eh I think Griffin is the best trapper. He can both find and follow a monster (Daisy only really finds the monster, Abe only follows), and his harpoon gun is hilariously powerful when you get the hang of it. I’d rather have a harpoon gun over harpoon traps anyday… grenades are even better but again I’d rather have the sound spikes.

I just made some poor monster who thought he was pretty good complain for 6 matches straight about my harpoon xD


Griffin is the only one that can guarantee a monster with 3/3 traversals up will stay in the dome when chasing. He’s also a trapper that halts the monster from going after other hunters.

Only problem with Griffin is that his tracking is god-awful and he has nothing useful when a monster does decide to kick his face in, meaning most of the useful stuff about guaranteeing a dome isn’t all that useful in practice (who cares that you can dome if it’s full armor and stage 2 by the time you find it).


I love Griffin personally, it may just be my playstyle as a trapper where I mainly focus on CC over damage. Even with Maggie and Abe I rarely switch to their damage weapons. Sound spikes are tough to get used to and are completely countered by smart monsters that sneak everywhere but the strength of his harpoon gun in a fight is almost unmatched. Taking jetpack recharge allows you to reposition and dodge damage while maintaining line of sight to harpoon the monster. Quick reactions allow you to dome and 'poon to seal the monster’s fate which none of the other trappers can do, good luck getting harpoon mines to deploy before the dome even finishes closing or throwing enough stasis grenades to stop the monster’s escape. Peel for your team and let the assault do his job…damage.


lol. Unfortunately I see monsters destroying the cable without ever turning around. So much for that atleast.


Griffin was initially my weakest trapper so naturally I started to train with him and mastered him first of all hunters.

His sound spikes are as people already said more of a mid game tool. It is ok finding the monster a bit later than with Maggie. When you are noticing where the monster is don’t be afraid destroying your sound spike grid for an more active searching role and placing them around where the monster should be after some inspection. Your whole team should coordinate with you and get a surround at the monster to finally trap it. It works you just need more patience than with Maggie.

When in battle Griffin’s hard denial of traversals saves lives and gives the team more time punish the monster, especially if he doesn’t aggro you. (Don’t forget put an hidden sound spike in the dome).
Be sure to recognize your team’s character and their strengths to know where to flee if the monster aggro you. Abuse cliffs, jump up and down. Make sure the assault can punish the monster for going after you and the medic/hank have line of sight towards you. So important.

This works for me and he’s my strongest trapper. Biggest difference for me when playing him and not one of the other trappers is that I need to coordinate the team a whole lot more. If I’m playing with pugs with inpatient kids I also need to explain that it is ok that it is taking a little more time catching the monster.

Mastered Maggie yesterday and she is also great but more for early aggression. I love reload speed perk with her to be able to spam harpoon traps :slight_smile:

I hope you are successful finding a way to play Griffin that works with your playing style :slight_smile:

Best regards Shaku


they do. its usually if you do an animation and attack. for example a traversal instant turn around attack will only show the traversal move. climbing is the same way if you do it fast.

I stumbled into @GentlemanSquirl’s stream with sacriel and all of them last night vs (something) bear. they were running griffin. the monster got away from them for a little bit before griffins dome came back up. id say it was 4 seconds from the dome being back the monster finally got out of LOS and they domed him a few seconds later and won. that is the power of griffin.


i love Griffin as most of all Trappers, but there are 2 Problems with him actually:

  1. If the Monster sneaks you cannot find it makes Soundspikes useless
  2. The Harpoon Gun requires to charge/ canalize and clear line of sight, means that you cannot deal Damage during that time and also slows your movementspeed.

The only real advantage of him is that you can put down the arena and harpoon a monster on distance making it a 100% Hit-Arena mostly.


Unfortunately Wraiths can still Dash without much punishment (they can get out of the dome with that fucking poon in their arse). Pisses me off a bit.