Im trying to get back into evolve, help!


Hi guys, i havent played evolve since may of last year and really want to know whats changed since then. (back then kraken was broken in half.) so whats new and what should i watch out for?


Tier 5 is completely out or soon will be once the stores update, Tier 1 has Adaptations, Kraken has an Adaptation that isn’t unlocked yet, new skins, Hunt 2.0, Thunderchild Telemetry, and @10shredder00 is the Cupcake King.




Oh jeez. There’s been a lot of stuff. I guess the first thing would be patch notes for you to catch up on what’s what.

Other than that, we’ve (obviously) gotten some new characters, all of which are pretty kewl. Kraken is still broken, but I think slightly less so.

As for watching out for stuff, the chase comp is an issue, but has been nerfed some to be slightly less effective.

Fixed that for ya :wink:


Woah woah wait… I didn’t vote for him! :wink:


###To elaborate on @Zwiebach1’s statement:

Tier 5 consists of:

  • The Assault Lennox, she has a melee based primary with an Anti-Aircraft cannon as her secondary and can leap smash like Goliath, she’s also the founder of the colony on Shear.

  • The Trapper Jack, the son of Lennox, he has dual pistols for his primary, a ‘forcefield’ of sorts for his secondary, and a Survey Satellite that tracks and damages the Monster for his tertiary.

  • The Support Kala, released today/tomorrow/last night depending on your region, has Siren Missiles which work very similarly to Kraken’s Banshee Mines as her primary, an Armor Reducer which temporarily removes armor for a short time as her secondary, and teleportation pads as her tertiary.

  • The Medic EMET or Emet, an Emergency Medical Evacuation Technician Drone with a homing missile barrage as his primary, healing buoys as his secondary, and a respawn beacon which respawns Hunters in 30 seconds (even in Arena Mode) as his tertiary.

Each of which have their respective class abilities (i.e Personal Shield, Mobile Arena, Group Cloak, Heal Burst)

Additionally adaptations were released. They are a different take on existing characters that we currently have to provide nearly double the content we currently have but all for free. That’s right, free. No adaptation will cost money (except possibly the ones based upon DLC characters but they are unconfirmed).

TRS has promised full Tier 1, 2, and 3 adaptations of both Monster and Hunter. Currently there is Meteor Goliath, Rogue Val, Tech Sgt. Hank, Wasteland Maggie, and Blitz Markov. Each are vastly different from their original counterparts, are free, and more.

I am indeed known as “Cupcake” or as @Zwiebach1 puts it, “the Cupcake King”. If you would like to know the full story visit:

The game has been updated several times during your absence, you can probably find all patch notes from what you’ve missed on @Chloe’s forum profile.

Welcome back to the community and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

######P.S Sorry @Biobane no one gets a vote, the cupcakes chose me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s an Autocannon. :frowning:


Yes, it’s called an Autocannon but it was inspired by an AA cannon, and I’m 99% sure it is an AA cannon just named an autocannon since it’s been repurposed.


In addition to all the many changes; I now identify as a lamp


I believe it is also basically an anti-air cannon, which is appropriate because it’s mostly used by those unlucky Lennox players who have to fight Kraken >_<


Don’t forget Gorgon ;-;


Or Elder K!


I just want to say thanks to all you guys for helping get me the new info, it seems alot has changed since i last played. Thumbs up to TRS for adding free content in the form of those alternate characters and doing a great job with the gorgon!


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