I'm totally down for drawing some evolve-related profile pictures


You know. For all you lovely people…
Now as you all know (I think you all know), I draw a buttload of pictures, which is tons of fun! Recently I’ve been lacking things to draw so… If you want an evolve related profile picture drawn in my goofy drawing style, feel free to ask me…
I’m willing to try monsters, but I’m more interested in drawing like… Bust/portraits, so it’d be head-upper chest.
Examples? I got 'em.

and coloured!

Flies away


Yay more ToiletWraith art!

Also that first pic-

-…You should totally give it to SlinkyGuy. :stuck_out_tongue:


He can have it! Quirkly originally requested it, but nobody really used it. XD


Twas too beautiful to marr. :wink:


KRAKEN! :kraken_stare:


What a surprise!

Can I get you some fries with that, sir? :wink:


Kraken eating fries would be a pretty cool picture.


Like Markov eating a muffin.

I drew that!

Something like this, maybe?


Yes, but more tentacles! I’ll either change up my avatar or use it for my profile page!


Tentacles, huh? Kay then… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sorry, I just couldn’t help it…


@TheMountainThatRoars do you have renders of the kraken?


Yes, but the forum isn’t letting me upload it. There’s a turnaround thread here, he’s posted there.


Can you make Le Hank?


Would you possibly be interested in drawing Gobi and Daisy?


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of responding.
Yes, and yes! I can try my best :3


Can you do Bucket’s turret? C:


Can try!


Wooh! Thank you :bucket_cute:


Not done yet but I tried drawing the idea earlier and decided the Kraken on his own would be nicer… Cause I’m awful at monster drawing.
Hows this?


He looks like a celebrity that just got caught by the paparazzi. I love it!