I'm too scared to buy any perks. :markov_cute:


Because I don’t want to waste them when I can just unlock them by leveling up certain characters.


Well that’s the point, you can do as you like with your keys. If you don’t mind being a little behind with lower level perks then work with buying your preferred hunters and monsters. I’m personally buying a few since I can’t see when they will be unlocked and feel they will help me survive more as a Val in the field.


Try to focus on a character if you want good perks. That’s my advice.


If a perk you buy comes up as a reward at least you get some Keys out of it!


Yeah I’m going to grind a bit first


First tier/red perks, yeah. Second tier/blue perks, also yeah. Third tier/gold perks? If you buy one of those, by the time you get a character to that level I’m sure it will have been worth it. The very first thing I spent silver keys on was the Bohrium Battery gold tier perk for 25% faster jetpack recharge. I’ve used it in every match I’ve played as hunter in what would have otherwise been an empty slot, and I’m nowhere near unlocking any gold perks from what I can tell after dozens of hours in game.

Depends how you want to invest I guess :slight_smile:


Just like Grizzle did?


Don’t buy T1, they are few and easily unlocked by character grinding.

If you play a lot of different characters, then I’d hold off buying T2 with the exception of what you would consider your favorite character’s core perk (Playing Laz, health regen or ability reload could be considered core).
Otherwise, you will have to spend keys here.

T3 are hard to get through grinding, so I would suggest buying those.


Here’s my plan: I’m only going to invest my coins into getting up to the 2nd level of all the golden perks. Golden perks take the longest to unlock by levelling up character, and getting them all to lvl 2 means that wayyyy down the line when I get to lvl 30 with all my characters, I’ll have all the perks.

Spending coins on the silver or red perks isn’t as efficient because you can unlock those within a reasonable timeframe by just levelling up all your characters.


Really wish I knew that when I started playing the game, I wasted all my points on something that is automatically unlocked. Now it will take way too long to unlock monsters or characters, making the game not really worth playing.


You will get keys for perks you’ve already unlocked, I believe

Edit: And remember daily sign in bonuses. Sign in 25 days this month and you’ll get Electro Griffin, the new adaptation, for free.


I was depressed that Jump Boost was nerfed so hard, and I decided to buy the rocketman perks (correct me if I’m wrong) to see if they stack.

Turns out some don’t stack and I wasted 13,000 keys that I have been saving up.


So - if you unlock a perk that you already have because you bought it, we do give you some EC.

That being said, @Insane_521 is gathering up some info on what perks can come from where so that we can put it on all the wiki as a short term solution.

Got founder edition after grinding on stage two for about 20k keys

Can you also tell him to match the perk pictures to the names? Since in-game only shows pictures at a glance, I think there should be pictures on the wiki to help.

Kind of like how the main page is setup with the hunters/monsters:



That should be pretty easy to do. Good idea!


Do you mean if I get a perk reward I already unlocked/upgraded, I’ll get my silver keys back?


a percentage back


I had a similar worry, but mine was about not knowing the final stats of the level III monster perks and not wanting to invest in them to find out that they didnt max out at the percentages I’d hoped for. I got into contact with a dev today and he gave me the max stats of three Level 3 monster perks. I posted them in a thread.


Where do you buy perks, I have been playing this game everyday since day one and I can’t figure out how to buy a perk


When you select perks before a match begins.