I'm tired of this Behemoth bug :/

This bug is very annoying, it has happened to me 4 times already and I took pics of 2 of those moments, the bug is that when Behemoth raised his arms, he freezes and I can’t do anything about it

On the funny side, it looks like Behemoth is cheering lol, but seriously, @MacMan , I hope you recognize this bug
Thank you,

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Happens to me too😭 , I just want a hug hunters, not a game freeze! Ps4 btw.


Is that with Fissure? Or Heavy Melee attack? Is it new since the patch?

Not new, it was happening before the patch and it was heavy melee attack.

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You get it with other monsters or just Behemoth?

Just Behemoth

The top image is frozen when you were staging up? And is it crashed, or are you just stuck in that pose?

In that one, yes, when he was starting to stage up, he raise his arms and bang, frozen

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I got stuck in the pose

O.K. Thanks for the info. I’ll file the bug report and see what we can dig up.


Behemoth secretly just wants a hug but the other monsters teases him about it.


Thank you!

I’ve had this happen once as Behemoth, and it was when I was using Fissure. I’ve had this happen at least 4 times when fighting a Behemoth, and I can’t say for sure if he was using Fissure or not. Unfortunately it seems to cause the whole game to “time out.”


That actually happened to me the other day when using Fissure.


How kind of you. ^.-

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@MacMan That’s the bug in video! By ghostrobo


There’s been a lot of these. I feel like there’s been less since the patch, but they get posted to reddit all the time. It freezes for all four hunters as well.

Happens to Goliath too when I joined a game already started my Goliath was surrending lol

Since the ps4 patch the game has had lots of bugs and glitches,before that the game was almost perfect don’t know what they did to it but they didn’t test it out properly

it looks like he is chained to the wall like a prisoner lol