I'm Thinking About Contacting a Publisher


I’m thinking about doing it. I’ve got this story about two kids where one is normal but his friend has insane hallucinations. These hallucinations start to become real but the other guy can’t feel them. He can see the things happening, for example a giant rain cloud over his friend’s head but when he steps inside the rain hits him but he doesn’t get wet. The story continues on to an epic conclusion as they both struggle with their sanity. I think the story is great, but I’m afraid that I won’t be taken seriously. I really want to do this, but I’m not so sure. Any helpful advice? Anything I should do?


I’m not really a writer but if you put more detail into it and/or let someone read it after your finished to get an honest opinion I don’t know honestly but I will read it because it seems intriguing to me


I like this idea a lot!!!


See, I don’t want to post it. I’ve been writing it for almost 4 months now and I’d like to keep it under wraps. I can give you a paragraph if you like?


Sure, go for it. What’s the harm if they reject your story? Keep us updated, I’d like to read it sometime!


Go for it. I myself have been wanting to do so as well for a long time, I just can’t get my story to move on. But if you have the opportunity, go for it


I’ll take a look, that would make me feel honored :smiley:


Yeah, don’t share the entire thing here, but do share it with a friend or two. Have them give you honest feedback on it.


I’ve been showing it to my friends and teachers and they really like it.


If you’ve got the idea, and it’s transferring to paper then grab it with both hands and run with it. Hell, right now I’d kill just to have my ideas transfer to paper.

Regardless, I would suggest finding someone as impartial as possible to review what you’ve already got so that they’ll be able to offer you some constructive criticism.


Douglas ran out of the class and into the parking lot adjacent to it. He began screaming and jumping like a little school girl. Laughing and flipping around with a giant smile on his face. Jack sat in his chair watching him from the window. He knew his friend had delusional episodes, but nothing like this. What the hell was he seeing? As Douglas played outside in the parking lot with his rather messed up head and while Jack sat there looking at him their teacher was in a panic. She was screaming and whining, not knowing what to do. Ms. Hudson had never had a child like this. She was confused. She began calling other teachers and the security guards around the building asking for help. Security responded shortly after her call and draggred Douglas back inside. He politely walked inside the class and sat back by Jack. “Why are you all wet?” Jack asked.

@The_Specialist here’s one of the paragraphs that I can remember off the top of my head.


Thoughts on that paragraph anyone? @Bot @RickSanchez @LordDerp @Nasha842 @Scapegoat?


That looks great! With your summary of the book, I’d definetly give it a read. Thanks for sharing


Glad you liked it!


Unless you plan to self publish, publishers won’t reply or accept anything without an agent.


Perhaps you should merge all your writing related topics? It’s starting to become a lot of them.


I love the paragraph you showed :smiley: To bad it left with a stupid cliffhanger

(Don’t take that at all as a “dumb” ending I just really don’t like cliffhangers :stuck_out_tongue:)


Exactly, which is why I need help. If it falls through I won’t have the money to pay. If it does, I’ll be I debt for a while.


If I had typed up anymore it would get rid of a huge part of the story.


Find agents that work in your genre and start sending query letters. Be sure to follow their requirements exactly. Also be prepared for a lot of rejections.