I'm the worst markov, but why?


As you could see I now have 1 win and 76 deaths with markov.

I had 76 wins or so because I was in the 200’s but now I’m rank 222,123. :’(




Lmao that was one of the best comments I’ve read on these forums! Nice one.


Must played with a Lazarus to obtain those amount of deaths.


At least there’s a quarter million people on the leaderboards!!! Go Evolve. What console are you on? :smile:


I’m on xbox.

Update: Its cool already. I hopped on evolve and played one match as markov and I have my old stats back which are 75 wins and 76 loses. This topic can now be closed.


In before the close!!!


@TheMountainThatRoars could you do the honors :3