I'm suddenly rich?(founders get 27000 keys after update!)



#30920 Silver Keys.

I have no idea how I got these, but suddenly, here they are.
I’m an Evolve veteran, so maybe they increased the boost for us?

I also just downloaded an update to Evolve.


BY DESIGN! :dancer:

We love founders, we granted 27K Silver Keys today.


:heart: </10characters>


You forgot the :turtle:


You sir… clap clap you actually reported this as a bug… this is exactly like finding someones wallet and deciding whether to keep it or turn it in. You may have lucked out just this once <3


Are you kidding me ? people are complaining getting ONLY 3k silver and some badges for founders which they think its not “fair”, but now with 30k … :v: :thumbsup:

Thanks TRS :blush: