I'm Still the Same


You think that I’ve changed? You think that I’m no longer the man I once was? You think that I’m no longer me? Well, you’re only half-correct. You see, I’m not really all that different. I haven’t really changed. My name is still the same, I just prefer a new one. My body is still the same, I just look different. My soul still has the same goals, just the motives are different. You say I’ve changed, but I haven’t. Sure, my outside shell has. I no longer look the same. I no longer talk the same. I no longer act the same. I, however, am still I. I, the definition of me, hasn’t changed.

You see me as a mere twinkle of my former self. A speckle of star dust in a large cluster of solar systems. You look at me as this speck . As this insignificant piece of your universe. A speck of your universe, of my body, that used to be so large, so vast. You look at me and wonder why. Why did this happen? Why did I have to do this? Why was I hiding this? You look at me, this speck of star dust, in pure disgust. I no longer live up to your visions. I no longer embody what you want me to be. You, not I, controlled me before. You made this solar construct of complex systems. A construct of stars, planets, moons, and dust. You viewed me ad this complex construct. You did. Not I.

So, I decided to collapse this construct. I broke it. I destroyed it. I revealed the truth. I controlled it. This construct of complex stars, planets, moons, and dust is now rendered to that of my view. Of my interpretation. Of my construct. That construct was not me. It was merely a shell. A shiny outer coat to house and cover me from the dark and cold reaches of the space you surrounded me in.

This elaborate scheme to confuse me. This coat of warmth and complexity. This construct. You constructed it. You did this. You brought upon an image of me that you saw through blind eyes. These blind eyes could only see the construct. The coat. A shell. But when the construct collapsed. When the stars imploded. When the planets collided. When the moons shattered. When the dust fell. You saw. You saw for the very first time. You saw the speck. Your blind eyes saw the truth. Your blind eyes rejected it. Your blind eyes became a void of falsehood. A void where your construct fell.

So now, I’m just a speck. The dust. The speck I always was. But you can’t see me. You can’t imagine me. You can’t understand me. You think I’ve changed. You think I’m different. You think I’m no longer the same. Your thoughts are wrong. For now you, as you only could, see lies and deceit brought upon you by yourself and the construct you made. I’m no different. I have no change in me. I am still the same. I’m still the same. No difference. The same speckle of dust. The insignificance I have always been, to you.


I decided to write what I’ve been feeling for a very long time. I’ve been upset, distrot, and rather annoyed for the last few months. I’ve been just doing everyone else’s biddings for far too long, and I’ve become fed up with it. People keep telling me that I’ve changed, that I’ve become worse, and it’s come to a point where I’ve decided to completely ignore all comments on how I portray myself.

People think that I’ve changed so much. I used to be this nice straight guy, or at least I used to be to a lot of people. Now that I’m a lot more prideful of my sexuality and gender identity I simply can’t stand people calling me this and that. I’m no longer this beautiful and perfect construct that they made. That’s not me.

So this piece is basically me venting everything out in a nice short story.


I like your story!

Venting is very good, glad you remember that we are here for you :smiley:



I can’t write that good. Mine turns out to be a jumble of first grade paragraphs. But glad you can accept yourself.


As am I. If I kept denying these feelings I know that I’d end up back where I was a few years ago. I’m not letting that happen again. I know who I am, and I’ve begun to care less and less about how people view me. I’m gay and I’m a fem-boy. I’m proud of that.


Well shit. I think you are legit, now I don’t agree with the whole furry thing we all have our differences. God made us special for our special purposes whether people accept that or not.

Just know that people care, people like me, your friends. Also your family here on the forums even if we are a bunch of fools arguing for no good reason at all.


If people can’t accept you for who you are, they aren’t true friends.
Good on you Shunty for being true to yourself!!! We all care about you.




I am hugging you through the internet

glad you were able to get those out man I didn’t read it all because I can’t read… oh well back to being boring!

stares at wall again I wonder when this paint will dry…


Just know that even though some of don’t show it or even seem incapable of giving a crap, we can and do.

We, as in all of us, are a family. We all know we are all weird in our own way and that we are our own person and we make that choice ourselves regardless of others.

No matter the choice, unless you’re a murderer or some other form of “naughtiness,” we accept you for who you are. And if someone else wants to be a twat and make you feel otherwise, well then fuck’em.

Figuratively of course… on dat “f’em” bit.



Screw everybody else, all you need is trs forums and dank memes.


Thank you guys! It really does mean a lot to know you care and are willing to support me no matter what I do. It’s nice to have a place where I can go to feel accepted and appreciated, no matter what. Thank you guys so much for that. It really means a lot.


Eh that’s half true


What do you mean?


Half of the time,True friends won’t want u to change


Yeah, that’s what Rick said.


The other half, they want u to change for the better


T rexes always beat snow leapords