I'm starting to realize Evolve takes too much time to play


It simply is not working as a quick fun diversion. I frequently have to budget about 10-20 minutes more than other games to get the same enjoyment.

  1. Join a game for the first time. Get role you don’t want. Wait minutes re-leaving.
  2. Crashes that happen either before, during and after the game. Either theres a freeze upon join bug before the game, running in place freeze during the game, or infinite loading screen bug after the game (I’ve posted videos of all of these).
  3. Rejoin a game and get wrong role again.
  4. Finally get to play in an acceptable role midgame or luckily your favorite one.

It gets exhausting when all you’re trying to do is practice as a specific character, say like the new Val or Hyde. It just takes too much time. If I have an hour free, I’m finding myself picking up other games instead because I know I’ll be lucky to have a hassle free time in Evolve. Forget about having half an hour free.


I know its not quite the same but you might try out solo mode. Its great for practicing certain characters or for grinding masteries. You get the exact character you want everytime and you can quit whenever you need to without screwing over your team so its also good if you dont have a lot of time on your hands you can commit to playing. Like I said its not the same but I have played many hours of solo and still find it enjoyable.


or instead of leaving you could play this role you dont like and get the one you want when the game ends and then starts up again next round?


I understand what you’re saying. Though solo just doesn’t have the feeling of imagining a monster cursing at his screen while I tranq him over and over with Val :wink:


So you mean commit to a 15 minute match before I can do what I want in a game I purchased?

  1. Join a game for the first time, realise there’s more to life than sticking rigidly to the role you ideally want and have fun playing that role
  2. Take a look at your rig or ask for some advice as to why you’re getting so many crashes
  3. Again, relax, enjoy and learn new roles
  4. Keep enjoying

:smiley: :wink:

Seriously though, if you want to practice then Solo is surely a better bet? or perhaps you could get a group together so that you can regularly play to practice. I remember in the early days having a party of 5 to group with where we would happily stop and let people try things out, was good fun.


I’ve played for almost 100 hours and have played every role, even getting top 30 Goliath and 300th Maggie. I like this game and I’d like to use my free time on it. But I find that it sucks up way too much and gives too many headaches these days. Ps4 was fine before the patch and the crashes make it seem like a buggy alpha.


Best solution:

  1. Stick with the game you joined, then get the role you want on the second game.

Thats all I got.


if you planned to get what role you want 100% of the time you shouldnt have purchased this game bucko and if you didnt want to be punished for leaving early you shouldnt have clicked the search button

listen to us. if you dont want to do a role? thats fine. but then dont complain that it takes to much time to LEAVE THE GAME and then get a perfectly fair punishment for that


I would just change the specifics of leaving a game to get a character you want and say it takes 20 minutes or more to get the character you want to play as no matter what method you use.


All other things aside, I do get @antikaratekid’s point. If you want specifically to do something in game it can take you a long time to achieve it. I’ve gone on wanting to just have a quick hour of playing Crow against real people and it’s been 35 minutes before I’ve managed it. People need to be very Zen in those situations!

I think ranked mode will hopefully sort all this out when it comes :smile:

Edit: So, like, don’t be all down on him because he’s saying in this instance he would prefer to play something specific…right guys? :smiley:


Why do people keep saying this. It was well known before release that there are multiple classes. You won’t get your PREFERENCE every time. It’s a multiplayer game and other people want the same classes. Something has to give.


I enjoy solo mode a lot, ^.^
it’s better than pug, and when I’m online it’s premade


I can’t stand it when people on this forum just keep repeating “What’s the matter? Just play the role you get and next time you’ll probably get what you want! Jeeze!”

That’s really rude and completely alien to say to someone used to playing multiplayer class-based shooters. Especially the OP of this thread, who specifically said his issue is how much raw time it takes to do something you actually WANT to do, not necessarily the matchmaking system itself.

I’ve said a lot that while interesting and conducive to a large amount of games actually being played, it’s extremely unusual, unsatisfying and downright frustrating for the average person who chooses to specialize only in one or two things in a video game. Not everyone can be like me and my friends who sink hours into this game a night and are good at all roles.

The fact that you are not guaranteed to play what you want to play when you search up a game is insane, and you’re not even guaranteed it if you stick it out! Someone else might have it as number one.

OP is saying that if he only has a small amount of time, it’s much more practical to play another game where he knows he’ll get an experience he wants in the space of time he has. When I start up Evolve and want to play Monster, well, I better hope I don’t queue into a lobby that has others with Monster as #1. Or I might zone in on a bot Hunter. Oh well. Gotta play that through I guess. I don’t want to do it and might not be finding it fun, but you gotta pay your dues, right? :expressionless:

Or. If I only had half an hour, I might say, “Man, I feel like playing Spy in Team Fortress 2.” Then I boot it up and within 5 minutes i’m on a server playing a Spy, no matter what. If I want to play Battlefield, I can be an engineer kit even if everyone else is too. The list goes on.

I understand that the system will, eventually, get you where you want to be. But for a lot of people like OP, like my friends with work and school and family responsibilities, Evolve is really frustrating and not worth it because it takes so much time to do what you want to do, where other games give you that experience fast.

It’s a really cool MM system, but there needed to be a tickbox to say “I’m okay with waiting longer to get the role I really want.”


If you look at my previous posts, I used to be just like you defending this. I said the EXACT same thing to another person. But well, now that my time has become more constrained, I’ve begun to see the flaws more clearly. I have 30 -40 mins MAX gaming time in Med school, if any at all some days. You’re telling me I should wait anywhere from 10-20 mins to play how I wanted? Nope.


Can’t wait until the put in ranked mode, that way people can pick their class and then all these threads will turn into “I’ve been waiting 30 min to find a match!” when everyone wants to play Medic and Assault an nobody wants to play Trapper or Monster.


This game simply doesn’t work well when you don’t have the time you need. I agree. I have no idea if it’s a problem that can be at the game’s current state even solved - ranked takes time to prepare, and unranked may not match your preference as you’d wish…

There’s nothing that could even remottely solve any of your current issues and we could provide. You just gotta hold onto what you have right now until something gets changed. Yup, sounds like I’m not helping, but that’s how it is.

A lot of people play Trapper nowadays, actually. I sometimes don’t even get it when it’s my #1 preference. Won’t be that bad.


Better then committing 15 minutes of wait time to join a lobby with the role you want.

Atleast you get a game in.


This game does not have enough players for ranked matchmaking. If they are really thinking about implementing something like that, it’s a bad idea. You need at least a steady playerbase of 6k people or so to support it. Evolve playerbase drops to under 2k people at night and many matches don’t even have a full lobby.


What system are you talking about? The devs have said they were planning Ranked play for a while now because that’s what a lot of people have asked for.