I'm sorry evolve


Hi evolve, listen we need to talk…
First of all let me say that i only think good things about you, but i found someone else…
NO,NO,NO dont blame yourself its not you its me, i mean you’re great and It was fun in the beginning
you kept exciting me took me to out to different locations all the time,
but its like you don’t care about me at all lately, keep taking me to the same places doing the same things over and over again its just not as exciting as it used to be,and to be honest i just need more,you know what i deserve more! when people told me in the beginning that this relationship won’t last long i fought for us,but lately i feel i’m forcing myself to smile talking with other people about us,and keeping this charade is just to hard for me.
and to be honest i think you knew it was coming, i mean i’m sure you felt we grow distant from each other lately.
you will always have a warm place in my heart and i genuinely hope we could still be friends…


Who did you find?



Nah just joking…I hope


His name is G.T.A and its like he understood me from the beginning.



Talk about repetitive…


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He has his eye on this thread. :wink:



Where did the video go? :smile:


Sorry to be the one to say this, but it’s not like you and evolve were ever special. I mean, we’ve all been seeing her; and i mean ALL of her.

The rest of us, well, we can appreciate what evolve has to offer. You need to feed a mature relationship, trap the brilliant moments and hunt for true greatness together. And if you didn’t like what you saw, then, well, maybe you’re just not ready to take things to the next stage.


omfg help im dying




im done XD


A million times Bloodborne.


Not really any decent games for me these games. Evolves one of the few.


Listen dude my and evolve never said we were exclusive, but still i always hoped she had the dignity to treat me better,
every time we met i had a feeling that she was only after my money.
and you know what else?!! when things started to heat up she wasn’t as good as i hoped, yep i said it!
but again maybe its just me.


Evolve will be here when the next fling runs out on you


evolve just got demoted (get it because you have a battlefield frieds profile pic and noob is saying promoted )

(Im weird woo!)


That’s not how that works…