Im so proud of this Dome. Monster is inches away from the egg!


Spent a nest match doming and distracting the Monster. This last dome had us all laughing :smiley: Even the monster had a giggle with us afterwards !


Have Cabot shoot it through the dome :smiley:


Think we had Bucket but il keep that in mind if it happens again :smiley:


I meant Cabot. I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:


Edited to say Bucket :smiley:


If you have a solid 3 man, sometimes doming the monster inside and letting Bucket work eggs hassle free can be good. However, without support your team will most likely get strikes or at least have the monster gun for trapper to remove dome.


We got lucky with a 2-2 split although we were positioned with a chasm between myself, Lazarus and Goliath who had he been above stage one could have wiped us or at least taken me and the dome down.