I'm so impatient


I have an erratic sleeping schedule at best, and waiting for the Alpha is killing me. If I don’t stay awake until 6am, I wake up AT 6am. example, I was awake till 4:30am this morning, then woke up at 6am.

This is entirely due to the fact that I can’t contain how excited I am about the Alpha test and the potential I have to be included in such a test.

Honestly if i didn’t have Netflix, I would’ve been driven completely insane since Thursday (7/3)

All that any game I own has been able to do is put me to sleep. I could really use some information to tide me over.

Just enough to sate my curiosity for tonight.

Preferably either something related to Evolve, or something fan-written like a new monster that I haven’t already browsed through in the forums.


I’ve been doing a lot of LoL as it’s the only game that doesn’t let my mind wander about how I wish I could be playing Evolve…


not even League man. I got Gold 5 in S3 and ever since I’ve been a League Vegetable. But I appreciate the idea :slight_smile:


I had a little break thanks to the world cup. But now its over i think i will be going insane :slight_smile:


I think weve all gone a little insane waiting for evolve. I can prescribe reading the telemetry and game balance thread if you havent already :slight_smile:


I got to Gold 1 last season but I’ve decayed down now to silver 1…about to decay to silver 2. Just dont’ care about ranked but I have fun with some friends in normals.


If it is any help, think of it this way: at this point, if you got in, you are in. If not, then you play a fuller version in a few months. What’s done is done, and no matter what you win! That is what has helped me stay calm in the wait.


oh i’ll be heading there right after I finish my Hunter x Hunter for the night. My brother and I just started.


Have you gone over the fan-made Hunter/Monster threads? Entirely?


mhm. my favorite is the spore creature proposed using a Magic: The Gathering card.


just assume you didn’t get in. and then in a couple days if you get an email that you got in, a pleasant surprise.


I quite honestly tried that at first. But sadly, only the possibility of crushing defeat lies in my future. For when I don’t get in. :3


I’ll share a “cool moment” I experienced in the game and reveal something that you might not know (I didn’t prior to this.) While playtesting builds for E3, one night my team and I got trounced by a Stage 2 Kraken. Support managed to escape using cloak to get far enough away from the Monster that he couldn’t be smelled. But while making his escape, he drew the unwanted attention of a Dune Beetle. Dune Beetles are tanky and they are persistent. They’re really hard to take out on your own, so the Support player understandably kept running. Usually they will eventually give up, but this Beetle didn’t. It followed our only remaining player through the caves, up a staircase and to the top of the Dam (where the objective is) and proceeded to incap Support. The Dropship timer is up so we’re on our way so we think we’ll get there in time to revive him from an the incapped state but the Dune Beetle keeps attacking. Lazarus reassures Support, “Don’t worry, I’m almost there, I’ll bring you back.”

“He killed me.” Support says.

“I’ll bring you back.” says Laz.

Then we hear, “He’s eating my body!!!”

“What?!?! Do they do that? Are you serious?”

We arrived just in time to see our dear Support player turned into a pile of bones, Dune Beetle just finishing off the rest of his corpse.

There would be no saving Support this time. We wouldn’t win that round.

Was interesting, and fun, to feel so confident with Lazarus, only to have a Dune Beetle’s hunger thwart our plans.


Not sure if hearing about you playing Evolve makes it easier or harder for me to wait for the Alpha invites (or non-invites)



thanks so much! I’ll probably be able to get through the waiting for alpha confirmation without spontaneous combustion now! :slight_smile:


Eh, I tried. :smile:

Soon enough, you’ll all be playing (hopefully) and hopefully the game lives up to your expectations. I expect to get crushed in no more than a few days of the game being in your hands.


A few days in a hyperbolic time chamber is years… have your box of tissues ready :wink: haha


Being eaten has confused me if you get eaten is that it your out for the match or will the drop ship bring you in like normal


I think that it just means that you have to go on the drop ship and even Laz can’t save you if you’ve been eaten


That is absolutely awesome…I want to play soooooooooooo bad!