Im so close it burns!


I’M FINALLY at third star with behemoth and i’m soooooo close fissure and tongue grab is just too easy rock wall is giving me a problem along with lava bomb. With wraith gonna be easy as cake if not for those air abductions. Kraken and Goliath …F**K YOU i’m barely chipping into second star. Any tips on how to get mastery faster. I know i can go solo and just cripple the hunters but it gets boring to win that much and it also feels cheap. :monster: :goliath_roar: :kraken_stare: :wraith: (someone make a behemoth icon B0SS PLEZ)
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YFW ive been behemoth elite for weeks, sidenote filthy frank caters to autists


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Play to the strength of the monster. If your trying for Behemoth I’d suggest luring the hunters into narrow area, mostly tunnels or caves, where you know they will more then likely bunch up allowing you to hit multiple hunters at once and then once you find a spot like that don’t immediately run away from it. If you have the armor then fight them there for a little bit, they will either be stupid and rush you in there or stay outside giving you a chance to breath and think of your next move.

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thanks! any help with rockwall it seems like hunters are always getting around me making them hard to trap one away from the rest


out in the open rockwall is hit or miss and breaks on just about everything but in tunnels it can be very effective. Best thing to do with it is to not spam it, take a moment to aim it. I usually wait until they hunters get right up to my face and then fire it a little bit behind them before following through with fissure.


Stage 3 is overrated :slight_smile: keep at s2 so u can lure them where you want and fight where is best for you. Levle 3 tounge grab and s3 rock wall are a GREAT combo to link to get masteries done fast. Honestly tounge grab + anything.


Same here, I’ve elited behemoth weeks ago


I have 3 stars in all his abilities, except Lava Bomb, and I had 46/50 Firebombing multiple hunters for that last star. Then they bump it up to needing to hit 100 multiple hunters… All my excitement burnt out. I was so close, and they doubled my goal. Why??? :tired_face:


i like this combo roll hunter heavy lavabomb roll fissure tounge


I dont use rock wall until stage 3. I put 2 in to lava bomb an 1 in to fissure or vice versa, an fill them in as a S2. Once you reach S3, have fun with the reking m8


same build here


no thats a lie i always grab all four moves