I'm sick of the comments


Well I want to share this because I am really mad, in every single video of evolve people say uhh this game not worth 60$, this should be a free 2 play, this game is repetitive, I think the best thing I can do I avoid reading those stupid comments, personally I was not interested in evolve since the first trailer, but when it comes the beta in xbox one and I played it everything change I fucking love all aspects of the game, I my opinion this is a whole different game from all the horrible games I’ve have played in this year’s, I can’t wait to play tomorrow this awesome game, thank you to give me hope again in video games, I need to stop or I’ll cry lol pd. First time I joined into a game community but everyone here seem to gentle :smiley: see you tomorrow guys I’ll be playing on ps4


It changed my life for the better, and it can change yours too.


Welcome. Check out these forum if you are looking for groups.


Hi my ID is christian1295 :slight_smile:


I meant in that thread lol


I’m sure it will do :smiley:


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