I'm searching for a good game!


Hey everybody!
I’m searching for a good game that’s not more than 10€ / 10,97 Dollar.

Some tags that may help you to imagine what I’m looking for:
retro, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Indie, Jump ‘n’ run, Shooter.

Here’s my Steam-profile so you can see what games I already have:

The games I’m looking for should be available on steam.

Oh I forgot to say… NO HORROR GAMES :smiley:


I was gonna say Rocket League but…


But I already got it O.o.


Then Alien Isolation or Bro Force!


Well, Dead Space 2 is less than 10 € and is pretty darn good and scary.
Its sci-fi and contains aliens…mutants.

If you like strategy games, then a good sci-fi strategy is “Supreme commander - forged alliance” - less than 10$


I don’t like horror games. If I would play a horror game I would shit in my pants so hard dude. :wink:


But it’s a great game.





Too expensive.


Already got it. You can look on my Steam-profile and check my game- library. I wrote the link in the thread. :wink:
Goat Sim is a pretty funny game hehehe :smiley:


Well, go Bro Force.


Good idea but I just have 10€ / 10,97 Dollar.

Edit: Now it’s on my wishlist. :wink:


When it comes to indie games I’ve heard a lot about undertale. I’m not really a fan of jumping on bandwagons but maybe you want to give it a go.


Nah. looks so… strange. Also the soundtrack is so terrible.


There’s actually one that I do like from that game. Well, I’d keep looking… Any games you’ve played before and you want something similar?


hmm yes. As you might see I’m a big fan of Sci- Fi games. But I’m not that type of dude that likes Horror games. I’m also not really hyped for strategy games (except turn- based strategy games like XCOM).


Sci-fi… Tell me you’ve played Half Life?


A cracked version of Half life xD But I quit playing it since I stuck in the campaign. I deinstalled it.


Man if you had more than 10 euros I would have recommended Zombie Army trilogy, cause daaaamn that game… Is great!


Isn’t the type of game I’m looking for. I’m really choosy hehe.