I'm satisfied with torvald. Thanks TRS!


Since the launch I never used him that much because I couldn’t land those mortars on a moving monster, but recently I started using him since people still say he’s OP.

This is my feedback on torvald. I think he’s a decent assault since it requires a person to get accustomed in order to play him efficiently. I do realize that people say “DLC isn’t pay-to-win”, but it still needs to satisfy us consumers, because we paid a fair price for him and the other DLC hunters. I also read that torvald has a win/loss ratio of 49.1 somewhere which lands him very close to the balanced amount.

I’m a hunter and a monster player, and on the meantime I play as goliath a lot more than the hunters. I’ve seen why people are claiming he’s OP and it’s because there’s some skilled torvald players who really know how to land those mortars, because I’ve seen some players who are also very bad at landing the mortars. I believe this character actually requires skill in the form of accuracy and precision in order to play him right.

Hope you guys keep on balancing everything out!


Mortars still need a longer cooldown with some comp options like Val/Cab/Grif. Getting domed stage 1 w tranqs and potential for poons/amp/mortar is devastating with how often Torv can reload that weapon. It’s like a continuous orbital.


Pretty sure Hyde passed him in damage and Parnell has always been higher. So i really don’t get why people think he’s op.


Because in practice, and in the hands of a skilled player with a good team, he is…over the top. I’m not saying he’s ridiculously OP, but he’s too powerful. Yes, yes, he has a 49.1% W/L ratio, but that’s been recorded from pub games. Yes, telemetry has him at doing less damage than others, but that’s because he takes more skill to use, and a lot of the time he ends things at Stage One before the Monster escapes with his inhuman damage.

Telemetry is influenced by a lot of external variables. Same goes for the rest of Tier 4. Put a good Torvald with a good Sunny and anyone but Laz and Abe against an exceptional Monster and the Hunters will win, easy.


I never had any problem dealing Torvald, but I’m a Goliath main, so I won’t be standing still much.
HOWEVER, I would not mind his reload being slower and he dealt more damage instead, since skill shot weapons are a lot of fun to use.


We need to see how many times he has won against stage one monsters then. Stage 1 is where the monster is vulnerable and no one wants to be domed at that time because punishment is at its greatest. hyde vs goliath and in stage 1 takes me out 1-2 health bars, but rarely. I know how to juke the hunters and as goliath my health is still safe when I’m fighting torvald. Yeah, I know that not everyone is good and this why we need to know how much stage 1 monsters have lost against torvald. He already had nerfs on his shotty and mortars with a 10 percentage, and it bothers me because he’s an assault; the damage dealer in the group. In this case skill really messes up the monster. This shouldn’t be an overgeneralization to consider him OP.


It isn’t even that hard. I once hotswapped into Torvald with a decent team against a Stage three Goliath with full health and half armor in a dome. Never played him before. All I did was use the mortars when he tried to focus a Hunter. Either he dodged and the Hunter got healed back to full and got into a good spot again or he ate a tonne of damage.


I wonder how that goliath played then. The 1st time I used him I couldn’t land the mortars all the way so I took some time off because I sucked. Then I’ve been seeing that he’s still OP and I went back and tried him, and it took me a couple of times to get the gist. If it isn’t that hard then why do I see some torvald players not doing damage how they are supposed to?


Because not everyone is as intelligent or catches on as quickly as the rest of us.


There isn’t any data to support any of that, as far as I’m aware. So I’m gonna have to dismiss this as utter nonsense, unless you can point me to something that says Sunny + torvald have a 100% win rate…

Also, I’m not sure why you’re assuming pub games don’t count when pubs make up 90% of players. Yes literally 90.


…Go back and read carefully. That’s not what I said at all. Is it that hard to actually read something?


Yes, it is. Top and bottom lines don’t matter. Middle line does.


You misconstrued horribly.


No. You did.


it’s like with sex you know… foreplay and orgasm don’t count just the middle ‘in and out’ part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I main Assault, and play more than pug games… But even still, they should not balance this game for randoms. That makes higher end monster play impossible. If you try to make it so 4 players with no coordination can kill a skilled monster and stay at 50% win ratio in pugs, high skill capped monster stand little to no chance against a coordinated team. This leads to unbalance in the statistics.

Like she said, Torvald is pretty crazy in defense/offense. When he’s pushing a teammate, you rain mortars on that teammate. He either pushes or takes the damage every 5 seconds, or he backs off; then loses damage. When you’re slowed, and are having to try to take out Lazarus; I say good luck… You give free damage for trying to kill him. And even then, you’re going to have trouble with it.


Yep, but unfortunately the PUBs are the base of the paying customers. If they are not happy, people don’t make money. So that’s why they can’t balance the game for competitions, that’s why Kraken and 1/2 Goliath are the only viable tournament solution, blah blah blah…

Sad but true. This is the only thing I really don’t like about Evolve but what can we do :frowning:


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