Im sad, and angry


Im sad,all the hate Evolve is getting,everywhere Evolve is mentioned,it just gets hate

80% of the haters havent even played it,yet they call it shit,they get on douche mode and call the game “dead”

I love this game,but I dont wanna see it die


@TheMountainThatRoars, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun, @ToiletWraith, anywhere we can put this?


I withdraw this :confused:


Don’t let other people get you down. If you like the game and enjoy playing it, that’s what matters!


Its up to turtle rock and 2K to give us a bigger playerbase to play with


Blah! Pay the haters no attention. They’ve said this game was dead for so long I can’t even remember, but it’s still here alive and kicking. The devs are still fully invested in the game and I personally believe that we’ll see quite an increase in the player base once TU9 is released. :slightly_smiling:




It would be awesome if they were going make 4 more tiers though :frowning:



it’s ok homie i feel it… hearts for all :heart: :heart: :heart:


This game is so unique. That’s what I tell everyone. I tell them to watch game play videos and they’re all impressed. The nice thing about the price going down so much is more peopleft will feel like it’s not a risky investment (I’m a broke college student $60 for other games is a chunk of $$$).

Besides, I still play bf3 sometimes and there’s plenty of people still on that. So if games that old are good, Evolve will he fine.

Besides, what game competes with this one? It’s too unique, nothing is similar.


The game is worth it, I am glad I have spent days on it. Don’t listen to the haters, they haven’t experienced it, and it they have, they were trying to do 360 no scopes with Val. :wink:


Let me tell ya, I am the definition of a casual gamer. Between work, school, and spending time with my fiancé I rarely have time to play games. Since I don’t have loads of time to develop skills, I’ve backed out of games like Halo, CoD, and Starcraft 2. But there is just something special that keeps me coming back to Evolve! No matter how much I stink lol I’m sure once TU 9 drops there will be enough hype to increase the player base, then the unique gameplay and great community will hook them, just like me!


I do hear and see a lot of hate for this game. But any review worth his salt always says the game has a solid concept, and it’s true. 4 vs 1 is pretty cool and can be very gripping. Though that is also it’s downfall in a way because all of us here have experienced bad Hunters that just ruin a match. The other point of contention was the amount of content at launch, and I can’t really fault there opinion on that. For a MP centered game it can be argued that it didn’t have enough content, and that it was going to be a cash grab title, with what arguable should have been in at launch as DLC you had to pay for. In a way I kinda feel the same way, I bought the Ultimate Edition, and I think what was included in that makes a solid release title. Maybe 20 would be considered a little much for a release but the game should of had more than 3 Monsters.

Content aside though, it has some solid game play, a decent amount of variation, even if most game modes usually just turn into Hunt. Also unlike so many other games, that I shall not name, TRS gave this multiplayer game a single player aspect, and the single player is respectably good. So many of these other MP games could learn a thing or two from Evolve.


Nah… we cant blame haters to hate this game. In this day, most of the ppl consume only EZ game.
Look at the mobile game and most of the 3A game.
May be they just want indicator on trapper UI tell them ‘follow the arrow to find map objective’ like some 3A game.

‘This game is too expensive!’ Many haters said…
Im working to get only 10 US dollar per day as a payment (actually between 9-10 US dollar) but I never regret that im buy this game. Im enjoy playing Evolve everyday and never feel it expensive (cuz im buy when it on sales XD)

The only problem I suffer is small player base. Im just silver skilled monster but need at least 1 hour to find some match in my region -.-
Im still hope TU9 gonna slove this problem.


So far, the amount of players at once (Steam) has never been below 100.
So, not dead?


I guess Evolve’s not for lone wolfs or people without patience,if you fall into either category Evolve won’t be for you!

I really love Evolve love the concept,love the strategies but gamers nowadays (mainly little kids) don’t want to get better they just expect 10kd’s or be a superstar straightaway now in Evolve your experience generally relies on having a good team because 1 bad hunter can make your experience sour.


omg i have to scroll through 30 useless posts about what category to put this in. get a clue.

not entirely related to OP, but somewhat: i’m surprised there haven’t been more games that copy evolve’s formula considering how unique it is. i expected at least one copycat game by now.


The evolve community is awesome and so is the game. People bash games on purpose and 90% of the time they never touch the game. As long as I enjoy the game I will keep playing it.


Promote to people on twitch, talk to them about it. You do get people watching evolve who dont own it. It may help.