I'm ready to go out guns blazing!


I won’t be able to play evolve until Tuesday evening, instead I will be reading articles(which are starting to pick up) and blowing up the trolls/haters in the comments. I already feel the anxiety in my chest thinking about the first guy I come across :smile:


Do us proud! :bucket_salute:


For gaming and Evolve, may your efforts be fruitful. :monster:


I would join you- can’t play for the first week- but I’ll be otherwise occupied. I will be with you in spirit. As will the forums.

Evolvespeed, friend.


It’s a madhouse out there!


Ran into two guys and we mobbed the ign comments. We had a guy battle with us for around 1000 community comments, when I woke up one of the good guys said he actually switched sides and was defending evolve and the misinformation.