Im pretty much done now

I agree man. I would be done too. If you put enough time and energy into something only for them to erase it, I understand. Im not as upset with Turtle Rock as I am 2K. They are notorious for things like this happening, and server issues.

if it matters that much all i can recommend is never buying a game at launch again.

Whats with your attitude dude? I know for a fact you wouldent be happy to have ALL your progress lost. With no chance of getting back. If I could put a ticket in and actually get the stuff i earned back i wouldent have a problem at all. The fact is everything is lost and 2k seriously acts like they dont care. The characters are super easy to unlock. The Elites skins take some time. All my perks are gone. all the progress on all my characters gone. It SUCKS because they WONT give it back.


It’s a video game. When do we ever have anything to show for it?

i say again if losing progress matters that much to you, dont ever buy an online game at launch. it has nothing to do with attitude, it has to do with understanding the impossibility to test everything until its out there to the public.

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I have faith that TRS and 2K will do something, just be patient. I know this is a very hard time right now. Trust me, I feel for you, and so does TRS!

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I’m sorry you are having such trouble and I understand how you may feel. The patch is in Certification and testing and is expected to be released this week per macman. I know to some that sounds a little too late. I have good news though See the quote below.

The game is launched. This isn’t a beta anymore. This kinda thing should be unacceptable. The fact that its a game meant for entertainment purposes doesn’t alter the fact that this is a huge screw up from a company that already took our money for this product. These complaints are completely justified.

I have never seen a game release with a bug that erases all progress before, and when a game goes gold I shouldn’t have to expect that this might happen. I expect that issues of this magnitude are no longer a factor. You’re basically telling the people who believed in this game the most that they shouldn’t have bothered to buy it at release because massive game breaking bugs are to be expected. Which is complete crap. Bugs are to be expected. Bugs like this should never slip by.

Its time people stopped making excuses for this kinda thing, and start holding a professional company to a professional standard.

We all expect that its going to be fixed, and they may even be able to restore everything thats been lost(they certainly aught to be able to), but a great deal of damage has been done because of this, and downplaying the issue doesn’t help anything.


58 hours in a week. Damn.

You know people… I remember playing games on Nintendo… Super Mario, Contra… Etc… When the power went out, little brother shut off the nintendo, or I shut it off. I had to restart the game from the beginning, barbaric I know… My point is, I don’t know if I have a point, this game is fun as **** I see a lot of value in it… I’m just happy patches are available nowadays to fix issues… does anyone remember when games were games, if it was a broken game, that was it, no patching… Turtle Rock, Thanks for huge effort with the game.


ive seen plenty of games release with data wipe bugs. and you know what usually happens? they get fixed and people forget those bugs ever existed.

You’re more familiar with more games than I am then. Tho admittedly I only look into, and purchase maybe 3 or 4 games within a years time.

People who stick around will eventually forget about this bug yes, but when we people who are interested hear about this they aren’t likely to buy, and piling this on top of all the DLC drama(which is frankly unjustified)is only adding to the games already less than fantastic first impression. Even people who love this game wont be encouraging their friends to be getting it with things like this going on, and that hurts the game for all of us. Hopefully not as badly as it could.

You fucking hypocrite…


You too… so fucking hypocrite…


How’s that, Sally?

OMFG the original super mario tho!

how can a developer put so many goddam levels in a single game and NOT HAVE A SAVE. CMON MAN.

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LOL but we had to get REAL good at previous levels, repetitively beating them so we could play subsequent levels… Level 1 I’m a PRO!

I understand the annoyance of the OP, but same time I will have to ask “do you only enjoy leveling and not playing the game?”

I can appreciate its unpleasent. Its like having a nice car you have driven for 58 hours (so approx a month I’d say) for it to suddenly have the need to replace all its oil, petrol, windscreen wipers, etc… You still have a car, and it still works fine, but you do still have to put in some effort for it to be at the peak condition you ran it at before.

I am half-and-half on this post, however I will unfortunately go against the OP. Unless this ‘stat loss’ becomes re-occuring. At which point I’ll probably join in. However if it is a one-off thing, the question of annoyance comes from the player.

And again I ask - “Do you only play to level your profile up? Or do you play to have an enjoyable experience of memories you can treasure - which in turn may overwrite any feelings of hostility earned along the way?”

I’m wondering if this an issue with 2K’s backend. I had the same problem with my Badass Ranks in Borderlands 2. They reset completely twice. 2K Support fixed it by giving me a code for tokens, but still it seems strange that this would happen with another of their games.

lol every single thread that someone posts with a legitimate complaint has five trolls come in to tell them it doesn’t matter. Such a waste of time. This guys is annoyed by something that shouldn’t have happened and would for sure piss anyone off. These TRS apologists are so lame.