I'm posting from a court house


Boring, boring work. At least the forum is keeping me entertained.


Aww man! And here I thought you were going to tell the story of how you were making an epic working Hyde cosplay and accidentally set your neighbors house on fire…




Correctional officer. We transport from the jail to the court house. Today was my turn. Yaaay.


So basically the anti-Hyde… fun… :stuck_out_tongue:




I made this for your entertainment





Huh?? I don’t get it.


I thought you were somone else i knew haha. He is a correctional officer as well and plays evolve. I’m calling from a health insurance company! WEEE


You tase anyone lately, specifically young black innocent children?

Nah I’m just playing, what with all the outcry I see on the news nowadawys. Anyways, I hope your day gets better mate!




Seizure Warning


What did i just see?


Wasnt it Staggering


it was… idk… im traumatised now


Just let it happen


Corrections officers don’t tase, they have far more sophisticated mental & physical torture. Well, the U.S. prison system does anyway, not always the individuals (I’ve know some C.O.s who were really cool and not at all d-bags like cops are). 350 prisoners died from physical abuse by guards in Florida last year, including outright murder and brutal torture. No one was punished. One guy was tied to a chair under a scalding shower until his skin started slagging off of his body. Another had chemicals sprayed into his cell until he suffocated, his body was found sucking oxygen from under the door. He had 3 weeks left on his 3 month sentence, and told his family the guards were going to kill him weeks before they did. But the news cycle is talking about power outages in D.C. Murica.


Please stop freaking me out… already seen enough weird shit for today :stuck_out_tongue: and his black squirkly (huehuehue) line was one of them


har >_>