I'm open for tips. I'm a moderate player and need pro tips.(PS4)


I need more advice and tips (from pro players plz). Oh, and some map “positions” for hunt.
If your looking to add me I’m trying to play with mics only for teamwork.

My PSN is : Lavadragon2k
But, like I said I’m open for tips and that is what this is for.

(Thank you for answering and Happy Hunting.):sunglasses:


You played with us yesterday, we set up for stage three. You ran after the monster when we are all saying “Where are you going wtf are you doing??” and you said “The monster is over here guys”.
Then you got pounced.
And then we got messed up because we didn’t have a support.
It wasn’t pretty.


Sorry about that I didn’t know what was happening…:pensive:


I understand that you need tips, but if you are open to criticism and need tips you have to listen to your team. After all this is a teamwork game.


Can we try it again plz? I play well with most roles (except Assault)


If you watch Jayrob2k’s stream than you can watch lots of good people on the playstation play together. Maybe you can learn something.


Are we trying again? And do you have any tips?


My preferences are
Support (Hank and Sunny)
Trapper (Griffin and Abe)
Medic (Lazarus)
Assault (torvald)
Monster (Gorgon and Wraith)


I upload goliath gameplay here if you want to get some ideas on dealing with those silly hunters


Exactly what @Torvald_Stavig said watch jayrobs
Streams I’m learning new things off and on while watching him

Try to stay in quick play for now until you have a steady team, there are still many factors you need to learn. Jetpack management, dodges, when to run when to stay, etc


The thing is I get stuck NEWbies, so I don’t get much with experience or team play :confused:


Would you consider yourself a newbie?


No not really. I’m around moderate and I know I’m not a pro.


Based of what mr stavig said it does sound like you could use some improvement, although this isn’t a hunter friendly patch so there’s that to deal with as well.


I know i need improvement, but I’ll need good people to get better losing or not, i’m gonna get better


Hours into the game? It takes around 150 until you start “getting” what’s going on.

BTW welcome to the forums! I’d help out but I’m on Xbox.


Even when playing with newbies. Always stay with the group. If you notice no one is following turn back. Doesn’t even matter if your hot on the monster, you won’t be doing anything by yourself.

Even the best of the best make mistakes but if you learn to be aware of your team mates locations amd surroundings, that alone will improve your game. It’s a skill you can work on even without a set team to practice with as well.


I have been playing it for quite a while.


That’s what i try to do but when I do play with newbies they see fall behind or kill everything they or even go off by them self without putting markers anywhere.


With players who actively don’t know the rules or how to play, the best you can do is stay by their side as best you can and try to give advice as you play. Not all, but many of them will listen (provided you’re nice about it of course.)