I'm on a quest to become regular


Wish me luck in my conquest to become a regular.


Wish you the most luck. If I keep reading, replying, and liking, I should have the regular status by May 21st or May 22nd Good Luck!


thank you sir


Anytime! :blush: Although I don’t believe that Shockwave would agree, that wishing you luck would help you on your quest…


Lel u jelly ^.-
Just read and post and like a bunch ^.^


Lies I’ve been here forevvverrr and I don’t have it


It’s okay buddy heres a hug (> ._.)>


Do you read a lot?
(Btw was that you I saw 2 nights ago? I stomped you guys with Behemoth and Wraith a couple times right ;p)


Sadly I dont have evolve so know ;(


Yeah it was me. You did good even if the team didn’t. I read and I type and then there are sooo many new topics I can’t read them all I just can’t :cry:


I was talkin to @IWannaBeATiger ^.^, I saw someone with the same steam name the other night and was curious


I should get it myself by the end of this week.


Steam reddit turtlerock studios pornhub if you see IWannaBeATiger it is probably me.


You don’t have evolve but want to be a regular on this forum?


Whoah there tiger thats a bit disturbing for you to tell the fourth one.


I’m not ashamed. (I don’t actually have a pornhub account but I do have a lot of accounts and they all share the same name)


Yes exactly


Lol why? Not that I mind…


lols okay disturbing but okay also if you didn’t get the whoa there tiger quote thats being literal since your a tiger xD


Ah. Those were some fun matches man, even if Orbital Barrage did bug out and not do any damage to the stationary Behemoth ^.^