I'm Now an Artist on Patreon!


Just letting everyone know that I am now a Creator on Patreon! If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a web site featuring artists of all types that are seeking patrons over the long-term. It’s kinda like Kickstarter but it’s not for one particular project or within a set time-frame only. When you pledge your support it is on-going. People who become patrons support their artists either monthly or per project (mine is monthly), in a subscription-style fashion, like with a magazine. This helps them to get new supplies and keep on trekking with their work…and of course feel appreciated. I would like to see more artists join up, so also want to let the good people here know that a site like Patreon exists!

Please stop by and check it out. I just launched yesterday!

Keep this site bookmarked and you can see whatever I create because it’ll be the main place I go to post my work. Tagging @skills4u2envy @ToiletWraith @Bot and @Nemesis since you guys may want to look into becomming artists on Patreon. It’s also good for musicians and streamers too!


Can’t wait to get charged for the creation of my character.

Incase you don’t know Kappa /jokes


I never really understood the Kappa stuff or who that guy is…but I am still working on your character pro bono. Doesn’t mean I won’t feature it on Patreon once I am done though, at least if you approve of my doing that. It’s more my patrons funding my artistic efforts overall during the month, not like putting forth money for any given project or piece.


Hmmm… But am I good enough of an artist to do this and do I have the motivation? :confused:





People on patreon get dosh for talking about gender studies, you can’t even begin to think that you’d do worse than that.


;; Thank you ;___________; I’m too hard on myself…[quote=“LaggerCZE, post:6, topic:78601, full:true”]
People on patreon get dosh for talking about gender studies, you can’t even begin to think that you’d do worse than that.
Wait, seriously?


Please don’t make me go find proof. I don’t want to lose more braincells. I already watched Starship Troopers today…


Hahah :laughing:


And yes, he is right…


Here is a video about Patreon:


You most definitely can show it off. It’s looking absolutely amazing so far, so I see no reason not to show it off. I know I will be!


This video talks more about people paying per content released…while that is a thing you can choose, you can also opt to have monthly patronage. I’m surprised they don’t say that in the video actually.


That’s what I plan on doing.


Which one?

@ToiletWraith if you don’t think you can create art more frequently than a piece or two per month due to reasons, you could always select the patronage per creation option. Then if you get a spurt of wild artistry the patrons set their own pay cap so, no worries they won’t go broke if your art block breaks. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Monthly payments.


I have a Patreon, too, but I never finished setting it up.
I’m working on collecting my art right now to put on Artstation


I’ve heard of this Patreon on some comic sites, so happy for you @SledgePainter you go gurl!


Why not both?


Patreon is definitely a possibility but only once I have more time. I was reading an article about it and it mentions how it’s a little tricky at first due to constant deadlines. The article made a good suggestion to start doing Patreon when you’ expectations gotten enough of a following so that it can actually be successful. So once I have the time and have built up enough interest I may very well do it too.