Im Not saying Wraith is OP


But, I do feel she is in need of a nerf. I Propose just a few small changes that I believe would put wraith in a good place. 1st, add a .5-1 second delay on warps. It’s ridiculous how you can be standing next to her as you throw the dome, and she can triple warp out. 2nd, decrease the decoy damage by 10% and add %8 on the cooldown. I think those two changed could help quite a bit, while still keeping wraith viable. Also while im here, i also suggest having exponential growth damage for both hydes poison grenades and griffins harpoon gun. Players should be punished for staying in those for to long. This would give hydes grenades the potential to out damage the arc mines, and give players more incintive to play griffin. @MacMan @SlabOMeat


The Wraith thread

just try to NOT ignore stickys.


Did I say she was op, no. Can you settle down and read what i wrote, yes


nope sorry. boring.


Yeah you dont have to act like an ass


Saying you aren’t calling her OP and then screaming for Nerfs is equivalent to a man screaming ‘No Homo!’ while participating in a gay gangbang with 30 other men.


I’m not gonna be the one to act uncivil on here so ill stop


Did you read i i said minor changes? Did you see how they are minor changes. Being OP and needing a little nerf is a big difference


No. The very definition of a Nerf is to tone down something that was overly powerful.

A.K.A. Overpowered.

A little, a lot, the quantifier doesn’t matter. You still called her OP.


did you see the other 3 thrillion threads about the EXACT SAME THING? i do not think so, so please do not tell other ones to act like an ass or not when you clearly do not put the effort to read another thread. at the creation there is even a search field. this is just another spam thread.


I didnt call her op, and you clearly hold a bias as almost all of your post are you defending wraith


Again, you directly did. All biases not withstanding: you called wraith OP and then made the claim that you did not. Doublespeak serves to only harm your image in the eyes of others.


Where do i “directly” call her op


By the very definition of what a Nerf is: you just directly said she was overly powerful. Thus OverPowered. Thus OP.


Im done arguing


Thank you.