I'm not playing this game until the hacker problem is solved


I had absolutely enough of this bullshit, last game get blown up instantly as the monster, the game before the team that did 4 healthbars in 2 seconds with a Markov on the ground and all that shit, I don’t know what ‘major content push’ bullshit Turtle Rock has on their minds but they got their priorities way the fuck messed up if they aren’t addressing the fact that a stupid number of people gain unfair advantage in the game by 3rd party software BEFORE any more stupid adaptations (thanks for R. Abe, now I have another reason to lose if I’m a hunter).



@TheMountainThatRoars needs merge with rant thread?


Not shutting you up, just making sure the forums don’t clog up. We have a thread for rants, and that is why I asked for a merge. No need to attack people for it :slight_smile:



TRS is well aware and working on the hacker problem via bans.

Rest assured that they’ll be banned soon!