Im new to this forum so a little "introduction"


You just go-

(s)Insert text here(/s)

But replace every round bracket with a square bracket, such as [ or ]. :smiley:

And welcome to the forums!


I was expecting the MK theme as your opener. I am disappoint. D:


Welcome to the forums buddy! :smiley:


oh,well thanks, with me your armycommunity users will grow!


Until mammoth birds get you.


I suggest you visit this thread!


im quivering in fear,especially since these guys murdered my friend


Hi welcome, nice to meet you. I’m the forums friendly neighborhood Pharaoh :stuck_out_tongue: . I hope to see a lot of you.

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You beat me to it!!!

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tl;dr only read the important stuff like forum language. im basically the grif (for all you rvb fans) of this forum


Read about the categories, very important :wink:

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Hi I’m Omega369, people know me as the village idiot


Hello new one.
Dinosaurs fan eh? Does thou believe in the almighty feathers?
Also, I’ll tag you to a thread you may enjoy. :slight_smile:

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My name is TheDumbassGamer and…I have nothing special about me.
Excuse me.

cries in corner

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Hello man, and welcome to forums :slight_smile: I hope you will have great time here :slight_smile:

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Might as well say welcome to the forums. Uh, yeah. Woohoo.


Welcome to the forums Reactive! Tis a pleasure to see you join the community!
Also quick question, monster or hunter player? Just curious :smile:

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You sound like caira :o


I didn’t intend to. I intended for it to be monotone. Hence the periods.

More like Crow.


I don’t think crow would ever say woohoo